Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu Episode 3&5- More Girls

I’m really late on this one but it somehow turned out in my favor. Why might I say that? Well I honestly expected them to introduce the girls with each episode but they decide to play around with more insane ideas before introducing a new girl. So it lends itself to establish something before introducing something so I give it credit for that.

Laziness has obviously gotten hold of me these past few weeks but I was legitimately busy but then you would wonder why I would pump out Bahamut and Chaika that requires actual descriptions and summaries. The thing is, I’m actually good with those while writing about comedy isn’t my forte.

So to hell with actual summaries, I’ll just speed through these because god knows people are watching this for all the pretty stuff. Expect pictures and minimal writing you hear?

Twirl makes the crew a base of operations in the basement of Souji’s house and more antics follow with Twirl and Aika’s headbutting while the fact that Souji can now fondle his own twintails dawns on him. Souji’s next enemy puts his love for twintails against him and Aika finds that Twirl has another Tail Gear made ready to go. Aika is not exactly the hero type but she takes on the hero-burden to save Souji. So we enter Tail Blue and her efforts go under appreciated by everyone else compared to Tail Red.

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Draguildy, one of the higher ranking warriors of our glorious fetish armies decides to personally face off against Tail Red and Blue. Draguildy actually proves to be a tough adversary but Tail Red decides to do it solo. Draguildy reveals something actually interesting as he notes that he fought someone wearing Tail Blue’s armor some time ago and he mentions an “obscene” chest. Twirl happens to be the previous Tail Blue and Draguildy sees that Earth will eventually meet the end as Twirl’s world did. Tail Red’s popularity has already skyrocketed and the twintail attribute will only continue to grow, meaning that they will make themselves a bigger target in the future. Nonetheless, Tail Red defeats Draguildy (who also equips himself with goddamn twintails too).

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Another group of Fetish Warriors arrive on Earth to confront Tail Red and co. and the student council president gets caught up in the hero business.

I honestly thought I would have more pictures but that’s all the ones worth posting I think. I thought I would like this series for its visuals alone but the pure madness that the villains bring to the table makes it all the more hilarious.

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