Follow-Up on The Future of Jojo’s Anime

Being the fool I am (heh, the Fool) I completely forgot to go into detail on the other parts of Jojo so this mini-post should clear things up.

So from what I said last time, the future of the animation seemed a bit uncertain on the parts of technicality as the lengths from Part 3 and onwards are nearly twice the amount of Part 1 and Part 2.  Regular anime schedules will not be able to fit the series into the seasonal episodic formula of 12 episodes to 26 episodes. I ended up by concluding that Jojo from now on, starting from Part 3, should adopt the episodic formula of many shounen series that air at this time. Examples of this include (for those of you who don’t pay attention to shounen anymore) Naruto, Gintama, etc.

So now allow me to elaborate on why such precautions should be taken.

Spoilers ahead (slight) on Parts 3-6. 7 and 8 will be dealt with if the animation keeps going, but by then, they probably got the formula down.

Part 3 introduces the wildly popular concept of Stands that skyrocketed Jojo’s already creative fights (such as the Pillar Men) to new heights. Kujo Jotaro, the badass you saw at the end of Part 2, confines himself in jail as he states that he’s been possessed by a demon. Joseph arrives to Japan with his new friend, Avdol and they convince Jotaro that the “demon” is not a demon at all. We’re then given the “rule” of Stands and the story of how these Stands developed. Part 3 “blames” the Stand’s origins on Dio, who has returned from his watery grave with Jonathan’s body. He has somehow gained a Stand and his bloodline has now awakened the Joestar line’s Stand abilities while Dio is somehow able to give other people Stands of their own. To add more reason to eliminate Dio (cause he’s too much of a dick to be left alive), Jotaro’s mother Holly falls ill due to her gaining a Stand of her own, but since she’s not as mentally tough as Joseph or Jotaro is, it’s up to them to destroy Dio.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3- Stardust Crusaders

Basically, it’s an abridged take on Around the World in 80 (40 in JJBA’s part) Days with super powers. The length of this show comes from the MANY Stand Users our “Stardust Crusaders” run into and fight. The Stand name’s aren’t rock songs yet but the first batch of Stands are named after the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck. We have Star Platinum, Purple HermitMagician‘s Red, Hierophant Green, Silver Chariot, and The Fool. The later half of the Stand Users (refer to the Stand User of the Week Formula in previous post) are named after the Egyptian Pantheon. Part 3 is completely focused on Stands and has little room/excuse to show a lot of character development. That point alone makes it good enough to get a good adaptation, low character development is real easy to make amirite?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond Is Unbreakable

Part 4 is where character development begins to take place within the Stand enviroment. We have our new hero Higashikata Josuke, a highschooler in the small town of Morioh who is sought after by his NEPHEW Jotaro. That’s right folks, Joseph got jiggy with it around his 60’s. Jotaro is here in behalf of family matters but also because a dangerous Stand user has been sighted in town. Josuke and his group of friends find out that the origin of Stands is not because of Dio, but by an artifact known as the “Stand Creating Arrow” that awakens the inner power of an individual that is “worthy” of gaining one. Stand users pop up around town and it’s up to Josuke and party to deal with him. The villain in this part isn’t introduced that early so it’s mostly slice of life with Stands up until the best villain in the series comes out.

The slice of life style should prove a bit difficult to handle since smaller stand fights exist and the real villain is introduced halfway into the series. Still doesn’t make it any less awesome. While not having the greatest fights in the series, I still love Part 4 because of Kira’s “family”.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5- Vento Aureo

Part 5 gives us the quickest enemy introduction in the series as Giorno’s dream of becoming a GangStar involves him taking out the current head of the Mafia group Passione. He meets Bruno Buccellati, a low ranking operative of Passione who Giorno first combats but befriends. He shares his goals and Bruno agrees to help him but swears that if this information was known to anyone but the two of them, Buccellati would not assist Giorno. Once Buccellati and Giorno become fully-fledged operatives, they are given an important mission to escort the Boss’s daughter to him, giving Giorno the perfect chance. Just so happens that one group of operatives who were looking to overthrow the boss are on their our crew of heroes (this would in-part make them allies but getting close to the boss is priority). The story shifts after the opposing operative team is eliminated and Buccellati takes the Boss’s daughter to meet the boss but it turns out that the Boss wanted his daughter dead and the escort quest becomes a race against time to discover the Boss’s abilities and survive.

Part 5 is essentially a mix of Part 3 and Part 4. It focuses on the concept of constantly moving around with a clear goal but also taking time to give our characters some development. It also features Fugo, the character whose Stand was so strong, that he got written out.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6- Stone Ocean

Part 6 introduces our enemy pretty quickly as the his goals are directly linked with Dio. Enrico Pucci devises a scheme to end the Joestar bloodline and achieve Heaven by framing a crime on Jolyn Kujo, Jotaro’s daughter. Jolyn is taken to Green Dolphin Street Prison (where she develops a Stand when an amulet with a piece of the “arrow” pricks her in the finger) where Pucci works as a priest and using his Stand Whitesnake, he is able to obtain a Stand “disc” from Jotaro (who was trying to break Jolyne out). Pucci cares more of the memory disc instead of a Stand disc as it is Jotaro’s memories of what he read in Dio’s journal that many years ago that Pucci yearns for. The thing is that no one knows who the user of Whitesnake is and it recalls to Part 4 as they try to find out who’s after Jolyne’s motley crew of jailmates. Much like Part 4 and 5, development is a plenty since you know, they’re all stuck together.

Well you can see that something like this prolly cannot be fitted onto 26 episodes. While the general plot outline is long enough, it’s the huge amount of fights within these arcs that will complicate the problem. While some fights are extremey minor, there will be a lot of the bigger fights in the series that will take a while.

Anyways that’s what I was trying to elaborately address in the previous post so here it is folks. I will see you later with some other posts I have to finish.

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