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Follow-Up on The Future of Jojo’s Anime

Being the fool I am (heh, the Fool) I completely forgot to go into detail on the other parts of Jojo so this mini-post should clear things up.

So from what I said last time, the future of the animation seemed a bit uncertain on the parts of technicality as the lengths from Part 3 and onwards are nearly twice the amount of Part 1 and Part 2. ┬áRegular anime schedules will not be able to fit the series into the seasonal episodic formula of 12 episodes to 26 episodes. I ended up by concluding that Jojo from now on, starting from Part 3, should adopt the episodic formula of many shounen series that air at this time. Examples of this include (for those of you who don’t pay attention to shounen anymore) Naruto, Gintama, etc.

So now allow me to elaborate on why such precautions should be taken.

Spoilers ahead (slight) on Parts 3-6. 7 and 8 will be dealt with if the animation keeps going, but by then, they probably got the formula down.

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The Future of Jojo’s Animation

While I’m writing like 3 other posts, I decided I want to talk about Jojo in the week I have left before classes resume and the busiest part of life awaits me. Once that’s over with though, it’s just gonna be playing games, hanging out, and making money. But enough about future plans, let’s talk about the future of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the Animation.

I will be quickly talking about Part 1 and 2 while the majority of this talk will be about everything else after it, let’s get to it

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Figure Wishlist Early 2013

Time to see me prattle on about stuff I want.

Dying of Cute

In terms of figures these days….I’m actually suprised that I’m not fawning over a lot of them at the moment (pssh, of course I am). Winter WonFes 2013 was a few weeks back and of course, it brought along a load of pretty figures.

This time, it’s more speculation than anything. I have a definite fine line between “INSTABUY” and “Nope” but the middle ground is extremely annoying. The good thing is that I only have like 1 figure that I really want (and it’s not even prototyped yet) while I have a bunch of “maybe’s” sitting around. So what am I currently wishing and waiting for?

Thanks goes for the pictures to their respective sites

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