Dangan Ronpa: The Animation Review

“You might think that knowing the ill fortunes of the future is despair, but it is the opposite! Even if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, it is that resolution that makes one happy! One’s resolution eradicates despair! Humanity will change!”

-Enrico Pucci-

Strange of me to be quoting such an evil (but brilliant) character but that line happens to be one of my favorite quotes ever. Considering on how despair and the like play into the Dangan Ronpa series, I found it a good fit.

So here we go, let’s talk about the 2013 anime adaptation of Dangan Ronpa:¬†Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair

Spoilers of course.

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Galaxy Angel: Finale

Here we go, it’s the last stretch of the game and I’ve already started the 2nd game in the series so let’s keep moving foward

I’ll go off explaining on what things changed and on a side note: I can finally Alt-Tab without the game crashing so I think we can move a bit faster with this. Anyways, let us continue and conclude the first game.

But I will say this, save + loading + screencapping was extremely annoying and while the first game wasn’t bad, it was a pretty annoying experience.

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Galaxy Angel: THE RETURN

The 21st has been destroyed and now I shall continue with Galaxy Angel.

We left after I chose the semi-loli, telepath Mint and we’ll take off from there.

There’s the last chapter that needs to be done for us to be done with the first entry in the series and I will in depth about the sequels once I finish this.

With that said, let’s go

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Music of the Week #104

Back in gear

Jojo Punk

Galaxy Angel will probably end in around 2 posts. I left off at Chapter 8 and I have 8-9 done and all I need to do for that post is to add the pictures and polish it up. I will be continuing it through the end of the first trilogy so yeah.

Been practicing All Star Battle for a while and I’m loving all the extra stuff in the game. Ringo, Emporio, Abbachio, and the D’Arby’s voices are pretty awesome and I can never get enough of hearing “Welcome to a true man’s world”. Part 1-2 heroes are Ripple users (basically EX moves), Phantom Blood Dio is unique, Pillar Men are the most unique in my opinion as they can access 1-2 levels of their respective modes. Stands take over the rest of the cast and some characters are COMPLETELY reliant on their stands to do any sort of combos (examples include Avdol, Fugo, Diavolo, etc). Still, I absolutely love the game I already Platinum’d it so I might as well start out online. I consider Pucci and Kira my “main” but most of the Stand character’s aren’t too hard to grasp.

Season is nearly over and the series are trolling me because instead of the usual 12 episodes, most of them are running with 13. Week 12 will not be done so I might as well prep up the seasonal series reviews.

We continue to plow through the All Star Battle character themes and this week’s is none other than the honorable warrior Wham. Strange to see his theme so hardcore while his namesake isn’t as badass as his character itself

Music of the Week #103

The time for Heaven has finally arrived

Jojo Punk

While the day of freedom is 3 daily cycles away, I have gotten my copy of All Star Battle but haven’t been able to seriously enjoy it since I need to fight an actual person. My router seems to deny any sort of wireless connnection to anything that isn’t near the computer so I’m currently unable to even download Kira or Fugo, but that aside.

Summer season is ending so you can expect some series reviews in the following days. I would really love to continue Galaxy Angel once the 21st is over with as well.

Anyways, I’m off to get more work done, will post more once I have stuff finished

This week’s theme is ACDC’s theme with a familiar classic song that can be heard at the second half of the clip.

Summer Anime Week 10-11

It’s week 10-11 if you haven’t read the title and that means Week 12 will not exist since that will be the time for Series reviews. The reviews will consist of the final review for Shingeki no Kyojin, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Watamote, Neptunia, DxD, and Symphogear combined as a mini review.

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Music of the Week #102

Almost there

Jojo Punk

Once September 21st is over with, it’s smooth sailing from here on out. More so when my copy of All Star Battle comes in. Other than that, there’s really not much else since I’m prioritizing studying and reading Stone Ocean on the side.

Looks like the Weekly Recap has to be doubled, so expect that too

I’ll talk more once the 21st is past.

Continuing through All Star Battle’s character themes, we’ll be taking a look at Caesar Zeppeli’s theme, enjoy