Music of the Week #97-98

I’m finally back after 2 weeks of being around the family

Cowboy Bebop Music

If I got anything out of that impromtu break, I was able to rewatch Jojo again with my brother and get into some fighting games. I missed out on SAO episode 2-3 in the Tweeting section and that kinda makes me sad as those two were the best episodes, it’s gonna go downhill from there. Anyways, I got tons of stuff to catch up and to start that off is this double music post counting for last week and this week.

Being absent from the typing made me want to type even more so here’s a list of stuff you can expect in the following days

  • Bigass Recap Post
  • Around 2 more Galaxy Angel Posts
  • WonFes just passed so there’s plenty of figures to talk about
  • Maybe more Jojo Top Lists
  • Small post on a few Mangas that might become its own small segment

Enough of those though, I’ll finish this post up right now so I can actually get to posting those. TWGOK and Freeing however have fallen out of line and due to time constraints and lack of interests have been dropped (I didn’t like this season anyway). So it’s basically fanservice all around in the recaps

Here’s Adieu and Farewell Blues. One has some pretty lyrics while the other is nothing but smoooooooth jazz

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