Music of the Week #96

Cowboy Bebop Music

You can already see how my family’s constant presence near the house is lagging my oppertunity to work around here. If anything, I might as well treat this like a break but I will take my free time alone to write as much as possible. Looks like the Recap post will include both last week and this week (and if  I’m that unlucky, next week as well). Galaxy Angel WILL be concluded and depending on how I feel of the Fall and Winter Seasons, I will continue them then, more stuff coming to you later, thanks for sticking by

And if you’re actively reading what I post, would it kill you to follow us on Twitter? I will try to Tweet regularly and I usually am online on Saturdays to just Tweet about Toonami with the others.

Besides shameless Twitter whoring myself, let’s get to the music portion of the post. We continue our trek through Space and Jazz as we listen to N.Y Rush from the Bebop OST. It’s calm, smooth groove but gets the kicking drums keep the tempo up with the accompanying instruments keeping the tune alive and beatin.

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