Summer Anime Weeks 4-6

Big announcement so listen up here. Since family is coming over for the next two weeks, I’ll find little time to post for a while and a week after that is the beginning of classes. Galaxy Angel will be finished and depending on how I feel for Fall and Winter animes, I might cover it through the regular seasonal period.

But for now, consider me taking a 2 week break with frequent Twitter remarks on Saturdays as I watch SAO again. Even if it left a bad taste in my mouth, it’s still entertaining.

By the way, fanservice anime post will go up seperately


Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

Shingeki no Kyojin: While Eren quietly stays with the Recon Corps, the rest of our star trainee squad now face the most difficult decision of their lives: Choosing which branch to go in. Obviously Mikasa and Armin wish to join Eren on his spiritual quest but the others aren’t so sure. It happens that Jean, the guy who was so confident about getting in to Military Police, is now have second thoughts. The commander of the Recon Squad comes flat out with  numbers how a majority of their forces have died in their excursions but their ray of hope exists and most of our trainees excluding Annie remain to join them. Eren meets his friends again and finds out Marco has died and our heroes don their “Wings of Freedom” and follow their superiors into their first excursion.

Attack on Titan Blondies

The formation’s general idea is this, spread forces out as thinly as possible to maximize communication. Red smoke means correspondence, while the commander’s green smoke flare provides where all forces should head toward. Sasha is the first one to mess up and she gets a titan chasing her. She gets her ass saved and we see two senior officers take out a titan on open ground but they are dispatched when an abnormal, FEMALE titan. Armin is the first to drop and it seems pretty damn intelligent to protect the back of its neck (protect yo neck son). Jean goes hero mode but then realizes he’s gonna die once the titan grabs the wire but it then stops. Reiner then jumps off while Jean safely lands but then the titan grabs him and squeezes…Reiner however survive that and cuts through the hands and saves Armin.

Attack on Titan Christia

The three recuperate the next morning and they send a flare and they meet up with Christia. To make things short, everyone gathers around the woods to have a chance to combat the titan thats been screwing up everyone’s plan.

Attack on Titan Reaction

Eren riding a horse is a joke for me because Yuki Kaiji is gonna voice Johnny Joestar. Anyways, what can I say, the overhype of this show is diminishing (which is kind of a good thing) now that Eren is strictly under Levi’s (Rohan, okay fine, I’ll stop with the Jojo stuff [No i wont]). We finally see some character interaction with the others, mostly Jean. Jean is getting good treatment in the depth department enough that I think he’ll be the one of the few to survive or die a Christ-like death. Good series of episodes only with horses. Plus you can’t help but love the three’s reaction to Christia.

Dangan Ronpa BromanceDangan Ronpa Fujisaki Dead

Dangan Ronpa: So far, we have Kuwata, Enoshima, and Maizono killed off. Monokuma opens up a new section of the school for the kiddies to use, which includes the likes of libraries, pools, lockerooms, and the likes. The girls are shown to the private rooms where only their ID will work and if an opposite gender were supposedly to enter, they’d get shot to death. Straight-laced Ishimaru gets into a bout with Owada but they turn out to be friends the next day. Monokuma gets bored and then decides to tell someone’s deepest secrets if something interesting happens. Suprise suprise, one of own as fallen and the victim this time around is Fujisaki Chihiro, the progammer who looks like a girl but is actually a guy.

Sweet shit
Sweet shit

So in the trial room, we find out many things: Chihiro is a guy, it was his biggest secret, he told one other person and started working out with him, etc. We also learn of Fukawa’s alter ego, the serial killer. A slip of the tongue by Owada however is the one that gives everything away. Turns out that Chihiro turned to Owada, the manliest of the bunch to teach him how to be more like a man. Owada’s own past however made him jealous of weak Chihiro’s will that he was driven to kill him. Ishimaru is in shock and we get a tearjerking scene of Owada’s story of how he ended up getting his brother killed in a gang-bike race when his brother saves him from a truck. Sympathies aside, Owada is dragged into the execution chamber and his comrades watch in horror.

Dangan Ronpa Manly Tears

The shortened crew now finds a blindspot in Monokuma’s surveillance when they find Chihiro’s labtop that contains a programmed AI modeled after himself to try and understand everything in the school’s systems. Seeing this as the one way to total freedom, they decide to use this to their advantage. Ishimaru comes up to the computer’s AI and apologizes for Owada and is forgiven of his friend’s inherited guilt. Some blame goes around the next day when Ishimaru and Yamada fight over the AI. Everything goes to shit when Yamada and Celes are found injured and later on, Yamada and Ishimaru are seen dead.

Dangan Ronpa 2 more

Well wasn’t that just rushed. It’s the halfway point yet they killed off this many characters. First off, Fujisaki’s death and Owada’s reason is actually pretty damn good, compared to crazy Maizono killing poor Leon. Bromance is something I happen to find favorable. Owada and Ishimaru’s newfound brotherhood be smitten to dust was pretty sad to watch (the good way). Just when I thought the hairstyle wasn’t a reference, they bring up the name Crazy Diamond. So having the reference to my favorite Jojo made all the more tragic (that’s one injury Crazy Diamond can’t heal, ohohohoho). Moving on to the crazy bitch. I knew Fukawa was weird and all but DAMN, she’s completely messed up. If the characters knew any better, they shoulda at least had the most useless person kill the murderer and then convict their own to have a better chance of a stable period. That sneezing thing though, reminds me of Dragonball, but that’s just a neutral thought. Fujisaki’s AI seems helpful but it ended up with Ishimaru and Yamada fighting over it and then dying later on. One last thing, I’ve been scrambling to find the ending images as they depict the now deceased students happily together in the classroom. It’s Angele Beats all over again, except they’re actually gonna die.

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