Music of the Week #36

Schools out so that means that I can type without distractions (at least in academics) so Imma break it down whats going to happen as the Spring season is coming to a close, then it’s time for this week’s music.

To be honest, I didn’t watch a lot of the spring series. I kind of regret it but here are the series I will try to talk about

  1. Zombie being the obvious one
  2. Accel World, yeah I watched it, shut up
  3. Nazo no Kanojo X: I watched a bit, might finish in a few days
  4. Fate Zero: I need to catch up
  5. Nyaruko: I kiinda watched it, will see how well my sanity fares

Along with those, maybe a few top characters post, Angel Beats catch-up on the manga, and a gametalk

With that small preview, I will move on to our song

It’s the lasts Eureka 7 song but here you go, next music series will be a pretty nostsalgic trip for most of you 😀

Canvas by COOLON, beautiful end.

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