Music of the Week #35

It’s pre-finals week and my classmates are scrambling to turn in late work, extra credit, and start cooperating for once to make a grand-finals study guide by the use of document sharing and Facebook. I happen to be part of this little endeavor and I am currently working away trying to help everyone.

I really don’t have that much to say other than I wish to return to work. Zombie’s episode was THAT entertaining and since I’m going to be stuck on the computer all night and tomorrow, I might as well review that too as soon as it is subbed.

But here’s Eureka 7’s 3rd ending. Not my fav like the 2nd one but still lovely to hear

Tip Taps Tip by HALCALI everyone, enjoy

hippiefreak’s History with Manga

With me free of getting caught up with Zombie and with school nearing it’s end, I decided to poke around other sites that I completely forgotten about. My gaming time being the best excuse for me not having any “blog awareness” as I’ve completely forgot about the other blogs I had made friends with. So while going around sites, I noticed that Justin from OASG has started a project a while back. Although I haven’t gotten to know Justin and his cohorts at his site, what better way to get back into the community by getting in on a project?

(It’s late at night, please excuse the ramblings and inconsistancies)

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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 7-8 Review

Make it quick go go go

Episode 7 basically revolves around Chris while 8 basically ignores most of what happened and gave us a character who we have been seeing a few times over the course of the series. Short ass ep 7 review cause the good part turns out in the last half and decent-ish episode 8 coverage

So from the last episode, Haruna was able to drain some of Eu’s magic, which gave her some control over magic but at the cost of getting humongous headaches. The best thing is that Eu can talk and Haruna can’t (I WOULD LOVE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY)

Let’s try and get this done before new ep rolls out

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Music of the Week #34

Currently getting the pics for the double late review of zombie, but the recent 2 episodes that came out were actually really entertaining and I will try my best to get the writing portion of it done soon.

Anyways, nothing new has been going on. It’s just me agonizing over League of Legends skins and what heroes to buy and the sort. I’m trying to get caught up on posts too, just need to get the pictures down. Oh yeah, concerning the new updated

  1. Darius looks OP
  2. Swain’s new skin is so freaking awesome
  3. Ashe just got wtfhot

Anyways while I work on Zombie and some other posts, here’s this week’s song

I’ve basically shown mostof Eureka 7’s openings, but their endings were pretty damn awesome too. Star this post, cause this happens to be my favorite ending, Fly Away. The funky intro and upbeat chorus is soo amazing. It’s songs like this and Shounen Heart that really makes me want to bust out my wallet and go buy a saxophone (although it’s trumpet in the song, but that won’t stop me from funking out)

Note: I should finish the series this summer.

Enjoy everyone!

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 5-6 Review

Already late again on this one, I might as well change the site’s schedule to updating bi-weekly in terms of episodic posts. Sorry everyone, it’s been a hell of a school year and next year ain’t gonna be easy

What I will tell you is that the plot seems to finally get together at the end of episode 6. Rumors went around that this series will have 10 episodes, but I kind of think that’s not going to work out when they only have 4 episodes to settle the…arc.

Many thanks goes to Myanime List where I lazily got photos

Episode 7 and 8 pleased me so I will get this done really quick (minimal photos, Sorry anyone who reads this)

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Music of the Week #33

With school almost coming to an end, I’m focusing on schoolwork to end the year on the highest note possible. But I’m still trying to get out Zombie as fast as I can. But the weekend will probably give me time to both finish the ep 5-6 and get a fast job on ep 7.

But League of Legends and Diablo III might impede on those progresses but I will try my best to find a balance to those things.

This week’s song is Eureka 7’s 4th opening, Cherry Blossom. I don’t like it as much as the first two but it’s nonetheless very well made.

Gametalk 6: MASS EFFECT 3

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Mass Effect 3 here boys and girls

(Sorry folks, I’m a Cerberus fan)

Judging that it has been around 1-2 months from this highly anticipated game, I expected TRUE fans to have finished it by now. Surely those who have finished it has seen the ending right?  The ending has spawned a humongous uproar that tore apart Bioware’s Mass Effect boards. People created petitions to go against the ending they recieved as they finished the game. The movement known as “Take back the Ending” (a play on the game’s tagline “take Earth back”) would surge throughout the forums and promote the opposition of the ending. It didnt’ stop there. One person even sued Bioware for False advterisement with their game. Another sent a large amount of cupcakes to Bioware with 3 different frostings.

So what the hell exactly happened with the ending? Well that’s exactly what we will be talking about.

Here it is folks, let’s talk about the last game in the Mass Effect 3 Trilogy and its controversial last few moments in the game.

….aaand in order to justify the minor rage that will be inevitabley present in the post, let us turn the dial back to 2007 when the first Mass Effect was released.

Trust me, it is a very simple reason.

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