Music of the Week #43

I actually got some stuff done over these past few days. Due to the nature of the recap post/summer preview/first impressions, the post itself will be released around sunday. I basically need to get caught up on everything I’m watching this season and just write about the expectedly minimalistic plot points.

Other than that, I have a gametalk I really need to finish and thats that, expect something substantial during the weekend.

Moving from the weekly news provided by these music posts, this week’s song will be Inuyasha’s 6th ending

Music of the Week #42

Blackout in my neighborhood basically left me and my family with nothing to do for the entire night as we endured one hell of a thunderstorm. Couldn’t play, watch, write, etc. Fate Zero is done, honestly, there isn’t much to say about that series.

I did get some watches on the summer series, too much slife of life for my tastes, but that will coming up soon

EDIT: I’m going to add a few more stuff to Zero post, so keep that in mind.

Anyways Inuyasha ending 4, my favorite song from the series, Every Heart

Fate Zero Mini-Review

Now THAT’S a way to end the series….with a resurrected priest and a naked blonde dude. But the part with Kiritsugu really did get me as it directly connected to what fate held for young Emiya Shirou

Mini Review cause I honestly think I could have done a better job at writing this review down, but busy life calls for some rushed posts, sorry.

I honestly didn’t pay attention to the first season of this show. The beginning didn’t really grab a hold of my attention as it really just featured everyone getting their servants, explaining their goals, and the rest. It was only after my friend and my brother wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was that I finally decided to watch the first season and start on the 2nd season. The first season dealt with Caster and how the servants needed to cooperate to deal with him while season 2 went back to the war and the masters going solo while a few tried to maintain an alliance.

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Music of the Week #41

Fate Zero is being written as I type this


But it probably will be finished by friday as I have work and after work, my hands are sore as hell. I watched a few summer series, and a post on that will show up too. Today was basically work through the morning, classes through the night, it was hell but I got time to get some games in and write a few more things. I will try my best to get Zero done in the friday/weekend while watching some summer series

Anyways, here’s the song, Inuyasha’s 1st ending in both Japanese and Korean. Once again, I’m more inclined to prefer the Korean one cause that was the one I grew up with.

Music of the Week #40

Wasn’t able to get this up yesterday due to some trouble with internet and other problems with my crappy computer.

Fate Zero review nears while I prep for the summer series. Like I said, spring wasn’t my season so not much for me to talk about and I apologize for that.

Inuyasha 6th opening, I prefer the Korean version a little more because it’s the actual one I remember and it sounds a little more dynamic too

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Series Review

Just a few things I wanted to say

Well the second season of the weirdass series comes to a close (around 2-3 weeks ago) and I honestly, I’m disappointed in terms of how it went back and forth in content with the light novel. But then again, I just like the characters too much to hate it.

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