Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 5&6 Review

.Wow it’s been a long time. Lately I’ve been addicted to Minecraft once again (I kicked the Enderdragon’s ASS!).

Also, I’ve been staring at Japanese games that I want but probably won’t get… I guess Mashiro and Ranman will have to satisfy me for now.



Episode 5:

AIRI SO DAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISUKIIIIIIII DUH SHINGO. So she liek “Hmm… how Shingo liek dem other bois? I’ll look to like if looking liking move.” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)

But alas, poor Shingo. I knew him. (Again, Hamlet) Bad news befalls him; he overhears that Sena’s mum might abolish the Nuko Club because of complaints and insufficient members. Obviously, Shingo isn’t going to stand for this. Like the goody-goody bastard he is.

And of course, since Shingo can’t NOT stick his ass in every little fucking matter, the hot but stupid Angie begins to think that Shingo is a rival in maid…ing… Durante el episodio, Angelina gets her headband SMACKED off by Shingo because HE ANGRY CUZ SHE DIDN’T MEK HIM A SAMMICH. Angie begins to cry and act all childish to escape his abuse. Not really; her headband is knocked off by accident when the two bump into each other. But Angie does act like a kid and cry. It’s very kawaii. Of course, Shingo returns the headband.

Again, because Shingo can’t NOT be a total meddling hoe, Shingo checks up on Angie, who says “oh u so perceptive and considerate” (hell, if he is, then I’m not typing this review right now). Derpaherpdaderp, Angie “won’t lose” to Shingo.

El próximo día, Angie corre por toda la escuela, buscando a ayudar. I hope my Spanish hasn’t degraded. Basically, Angie wants to be helpful as a maid and so she runs around school looking for people who need help. When no one needs help, Angie so sad. Airi sees this and attempts to cheer her up by talking nice about Shingo. What the FUCK does that have to do with anything? But somehow Angie is all happy again and realizes she wants Shingo to be her S and M partner (she’ll be the M and he’ll be the S). No, but in all seriousness Angelina asks Shingo if he’ll be her master.

And of course, we have the really gay ass “EHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!?????????????”

Episode 6:

So as we know, Angie wanted to be Shingo’s maid. So she follows them back to the Uryuu residence, but everything is already done! Because Angie wants some work to do, both she and Sakuno make dinner for Shingo, who is stuck eating both meals. Lucky bastard. The next day, in order to prevent the abolishing of the Nuko Club, Shingo joins the Club of Nuko and helps Sana post very badly made recruitment posters about the school. 

Now it is nighttime, and the principal comes over to tell Shingo that she’s hor—wait no, she comes to tell Angelina that the seitokaichou is having un tiempo dificil sin ella (a hard time without her). And with that note, Angie returns to the academy to serve.

Anddddddd now it’s school time! For some reason, the Nuko Club posters are taken down and are being burned. Shingo, trying to act all cool and heroic and shit, reaches in and grabs like 2 posters. Whoop dee doo. Oh no. What ever are they going to do? They need a sixth member soon, and Sena’s the only one not in the group. Gee, I wonder what will happen. What, do producers think we’re total DUMBASSES?

After their rep work, Shingo and Airi get wet together on their way home. Hurhur. Sena invites Shingo inside to get an umbrella, while in reality she wants him in bed. <– Not stated, but I’m pretty sure we all know this. Using the trite move “HERPADERPADERPA U TEK BATH NAO U WET N STINKY,” Sena pulls another trite move called “OH NOES DEM LIGHTS BE OFF. TURN YER BAK WE TEK BATH TOGEDER.”

On the day that follows, the Nuko Club has a new member. //nuff said

10 thoughts on “Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 5&6 Review”

      1. Yeah i saw it, it kinda blew my mind too. Never expected a series like this to have a definitive end with one character. I hope it stays like it, I don’t like Sana.

        For not getting the review up, I might personally write it out this weekend

    1. and dont you think it rare the main character confess to a side girl since in most of the most of the harem animes it not happen

      1. thats one of the things that got me…Sena was focused on for the first half of the series and yet, she doesn’t do ANYTHING right now. It’s a strange series…

        But since it’s Miu, i will let it pass

        If they have a Sana ending i will condemn this series. They give us a PSP game exclusive character end (Sana originally was side in PC game while a heroine in psp) without another psp exclusive.

        Me so saaad

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