Music of the Week #503

The balls starts rolling

Finally got the Bayo and Vanquish post out

With that, a rather larger post is coming pretty soon but I want to put more effort into the pictures I choose for this one. Alternatively, I can pick out a smaller game to post next instead, we’ll see how it goes with how much pictures I can pick out properly before next week.

This week’s tune covers one of the more specific joys of Mario RPGs in that I absolutely adore the tropical island setting in both Paper Maro RPGs. Lavalava Island definitely delivers in how vast its jungles are with multiple screens, probably not as much as Dry Dry Desert, but has a ton of neat little things hidden around with it small camps of spear-wielding Jungle Shy Guys. Raphael the Raven from the Yoshi continuity shows up here to help and the Yoshi Village is a nice location that I wish got more time to shine since Yoshis don’t tend to be common elements in Paper Mario after the first game. We’ll talk about Keyhaul Keel when we get there because I love that chapter too.

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