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Azur Lane: Lessons Unheeded

Back when the first trailer for this dropped, many had hoped for a singular, reasonable wish for this series adaptation to fulfill.

Don’t be like Kancolle’s anime.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that the same mistakes that plagued Kantai Collection repeated themselves with Azur Lane. Was this really a surprise to anyone though?

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Azur Lane Episode 9: Back to Calm

I don’t think a formal ceasefire is going to happen, instead a heat of the moment truce in the middle of a fight is going to take place in a mad scramble against the sirens.

Not much going on though, which is both a blessing and a curse since the fighting is finally over and the visuals are back to an acceptable quality.

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Azur Lane Episode 5: Cloudy Sky

The fight quality is back up to normal and we pick up where we left off last episode.

We’re nearly at the half-way point of the season and I find myself both oddly comfortable with the pace of this series as well as slightly worried we’ll be rushing towards the finale. For the most part, the three primary plot-lines are at least moving at a recognizable pace, what remains at the end of it is what worries me because it’s either developing into something unimpressive or it’s comfortable pacing won’t stop and we’ll get something rushed. I can only hope that isn’t the case since I’m not exactly hating the adaptation.

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Azur Lane Episode 4: The Other Side

Espionage was not something I was expecting from this show.

Although, the focus of this episode definitely goes to the numerous scenery shots than the characters. Apparently there was only one key animator assigned to this episode and the quality dip during the fighting scene definitely shows. Observer’s stomach decided to hog all the budget apparently.

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Azur Lane Episode 3: Downtime

As expected, the girls go on a bit of a vacation.

Someone was talking about how the anime adaptation was going to be an origin story for the character Code G, an alternate timeline’s Enterprise fighting with the Sirens, completely of her own free will mind you, who shows up in a couple events in the game. It’s a theory that I give some credence to depending on how much stress Enterprise continues to get in the duration of this show. It would be an incredibly neat way to integrate both anime and game’s plotline together like this.

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Azur Lane Episode 2: Arm on Fire Veins Burning Red

Favorite Girls Shown counter: 1

So here I thought we’d get a small break from the fighting but nope, we’re right back in the action as Akagi decides to let some of the other carriers have some fun against a small scouting party with some German girls thrown into the mix.

The animation was ever so slightly more strained during the high-speed action sequences so let’s hope they still have some budget left over for the inevitable big fight waiting for us at the end. I did enjoy this week’s background girls a lot more than last time, Helena was cute and the anime knew to keep Hammann completely fucking useless.

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