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Shoujo-Tachi wa Kyou Kara Mezasu- Romance Not Included

A completely average, but enjoyable title.

More often than not, Visual Novel adaptations rarely tend to do well. Not that I inherently hate Visual Novel adaptations outright, there are a few that I would actually like to see animated, but adaptation decay is the staple element when you take pages and pages worth of dialogue, exposition, and monologue of different characters into around 12-13 episodes of content. The bigger problem arises is that most visual novels that get adapted are bishoujo games, which demands a hefty amount of characterization, but also require the main protagonist to choose a girl by the middle to experience a fully fleshed out character, this does not tend to happen all that much.

So with this already set, Shoujo Tachi wa Kyou Kara Mezasu, or Koya for short, is a bit of an oddity: Koya is an adaptation of a visual novel that wasn’t even out yet, with the game itself releasing a day after the final episode aired last week. Essentially, what we got was the “common route” while the actual development probably happens in the game. But we’re here for the anime so let’s talk about it already.

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