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Music of the Week #113

Break Week. By the way, now I’m actually going to tag stuff…

Jojo High

Classes are being asshats because I have a few projects due a day after break ends. I essentially have today and 4 days to get them done while trying to get something out of this week and post something that isn’t a weekly recap. Speaking of recaps, I decided to tack Last week and this week since I’m caught up but I just want to bunch them up for now. Galaxy Angel just needs to be added with some detail and picture order clarifiction so that’ll be up in a bit. I scrapped my figure post because it’s just too….chaotic for me to try and make a coherent post. I did go through a cleansing ┬ájust recently that idea might surface again. Also got a big Jojo post coming in so that’s a plus too.

I’m shuffling my cash as my mind tries to decide a pretty figure should be bought or if a brand new game would be the right choice. The game in question is Grand Theft Auto V and on Black Friday, it’s gonna be put on half price and it’s a marked item that is guranteed to be in stock for the first hour at Walmart. The figure is Yagyu Jubei from Samurai Girls which isn’t exactly “my” sort of series but if a figure looks good, I’ll usually fall for its charms. The version I’m eyeing is the swimsuit one and I’m deciding between the red one or the white one. I had a similar predictament when comparing another figure that happens to be in the same series, Naoe Kanetsugu. Pink or Green and I chose the latter but nevermind that.

I’ll pick something eventually because I want to get one before Christmas rolls by. Moving on to the music: We covered Akira Otoishi’s theme and now we move on to my favorite villain’s theme. This week’s theme is Kira Yoshikage’s theme from All Star Battle, enjoy.