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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 19: True Resolve

Now this episode delivered. Whereas the final portions of Beach Boy and Grateful Dead were cut a bit short and undermined the proper development Pesci went through, White Album’s fight was short, sweet, and just as hype. Mista and Giorno’s ability synergy will be showcased again in a later fight but this is probably my preferred fight between the two.

We’re almost 20 episodes in and already nearly past the half-way point and I realize that I personally don’t have too much else to look forward to in Part 5. With Grateful Dead/Beach Boy and White Album animated, only King Crimson’s skip time bullshit is the only thing I got left since the latter half of Part 5 isn’t exactly as strong as the beginning. I’ll still be sticking with it but I hope the anime production staff keeps up the seal of quality that they have been doing so far.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 18: Half and Half

Melone only lasted up to half of the episode.

And the more I hear Ghihaccio talk the happier I am to keep in mind how this is Bakugo’s voice screaming about semantics. I have to say that Vento Aureo is doing an amazing job weaving multiple arcs together and they certainly wasted no time moving past Melone and covering a good half of the White Album fight. While a great fight, it is rather short since we only got one guy to deal with compared to the whopping 3-parter Prosciutto and Pesci got.

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White Album 2 (Anime) Mini-Review

Well wasn’t this just tough.

Understand that this is a mini review for a reason. The story is a drama and is plot-character based so I can’t give away too many things. Yes I did cover it but for this series, I decided to go for the non-spoiler route as it definitely is something one has to watch on their own to like it (or not, depending on how you sway)

I never actually watched, or rather, finished the first White Album anime but my brother’s love for the first game basically gave me enough background info on it. The main difference other than some missing plot points are that the main character makes a final choice in either staying faithful to his girlfriend Yuki or ending his relationship with Yuki and making a new one with Rina. The anime didn’t feature any of those endings. Why am I telling you this? Well, in the first White Album I was horribly biased in favor of Rina. The entire drama would have been probably better if I actually liked Yuki but in the end, it was basically Rina’s rigged game.

White Album 2 from what I’ve heard did a pretty solid job adapting what occured in its Introductory Chapter into the 13 episode format. This feat not being shared by a lot of Visual novel/eroge adaptations. The only one that I can remember off the top of my head being Mashiro Iro Symphony.

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