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Schwarzesmarken- When the secret police are worse than aliens

I’m not the biggest fan of the Muv Luv series, I can admit to this but I can also admit that I’m relatively interested in the series for reasons other than seeing busty girls wear colorful, tight suits. The Muv Luv universe loves to be violent and traumatic with its disgusting looking aliens but it also loves juxtaposing wartime atrocities with the perennial Japanese regular-day influence. As far as I know about the original trilogy, the front cover of it definitely looks like a bait and switch and the previously animated Total Eclipse still felt more of a harem series than an actual military drama series. This rendition doesn’t cut down the harem part but it’s nowhere nearly as obvious as TE.

So since the original trilogy is hassle to get to and with already mediocre thoughts on Total Eclipse, I can say with certainty that Schwarzesmarken was actually enjoyable to watch, even with expected adaptation decay.

Been a while since I’ve said this but this is also the first time I was so enamored with character design (IE: Like a good amount of them instead of watching an entire series for a single character). So, Disclaimer: The pictures below are probably (definitely) skewed into just showcasing the pretty girls from the series but I assure you right now that I actually have some things to say about the rest.

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