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Nisekoi Episode 18&19- Swapping Focus

So if the school swimsuit episode didn’t do enough for you, we get ourselves a full beach episode with more revealing swimsuits. Even in the absence of my internet, it seems I haven’t missed too much regarding Nisekoi in both anime and manga. If anything, the lock is still relevant again but like hell it’s going to stop anytime soon. Other than the beach episode, they actually got to the arc I was thinking they wouldn’t get to. The ending for the anime series basically steps into the bounds where a character outlook changes so if anything, I said too much already.

I’m surprised is all. I don’t have the manga to anime chapter-episode match up at the moment but I damn well remember this part being later. Oh well.

Let’s just cover this.

Gifs are down at the bottom for those who were looking for them

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Nisekoi Episode 5: The School Swimsuit Episode

I ask myself, why aren’t I reading the manga for this? I just know I will definitely recommend it to the people enjoying the anime right now. Speaking of the manga, the length of it definitely suggests that Onodera isn’t “that” girl. Hell, I think it even turned to harem, which might either be a good thing or bad thing depending on who you are.

But manga reviewing ain’t what I’m here for. If anything, I’ll give it my own judgement if I ever get impatient and get around to it. But moving on.

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