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Space Dandy 2 Episode 9- Time for Heaven, Baby

The soundtrack continues to impress while the episode pulls another fast one on us.

I always end up “reviewing” the episode in the beginning instead of the end but I will just say the dancing wasn’t all that amazing other than when Dandy was on screen. The entire event needed to be like a party. I forgive this episode thanks to its insane ending and the new addition to the soundtrack.

So far we had 2 fish episodes and at least 3-4 singing/dancing episode.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

“Didn’t you once say that everything should have a name? Stone Free…I want to free myself from this Stone Ocean!”

A while ago I posted my Favorite Jojo characters that excluded Parts 7-8 since I wanted to keep it everything within the more well-known universe. I mentioned that it had been a long time since I read Part 6 and exempted some characters from the list. I have since reread Part 6 and now I feel like an idiot for admitting that I forgot stuff from Part 6 when this particular saga happens to be the most eventful. So for that blunder I made, I think owe Part 6 an apology and its own post to honor it. Fate may have played into this but the 7th of December happens to be its release date so happy 10th birthday to you Stone Ocean.

So were he go folks, a “review” that is a decade late, let’s talk about the sixth saga of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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