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Hitsugi no Chaika Review- Slayers mixed with Steel Ball Run and the game Overlord.

Approximately a month ago, I sparked a conversation with a friend of mine of how tired I was with the “high school” setting situation that’s more or less prevalent in anything that’s airing. While it is a familiar setting and puts aside exposition, I lamented the fact that we don’t have too many shows where it doesn’t have to involve students. I might be cherrypicking but look at series like Dragonar Academy, Akuma no Riddle, and Mahouka. Why does taming dragons, assassinations, and atomic bombs all have to involve a high school setting? Case in point: I wanted something adventurous again. Something around the likes of Slayers. I’m not asking for anything as grand as scale as that but something that involved constantly changing settings and the likes.

My friend replied to me with that a show like that breaking the norms would be liked by the few while shows that continue the ongoing trend of highschool and absolute moe rake in easy cash. Simply put: Why potentially waste good money when we got a completely secure way of getting the most out of an investment?

Then this series showed up.

Plus I seriously regret not covering this.

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Music of the Week #119

Back on duty

Jojo High

With the folks out of the house, I can return to my writing duties. These are the scheduled posts to be posted in the coming days

  • Machine Doll
  • Noucome
  • Fanservice
  • White Album 2

and sometime after that will be the Winter Series breakdown. Galaxy Angel and Figure post will eventually follow.

Got a lot of work to catch up and do so I’m signing off now.

As quick as I finished this post, this week’s theme of Gyro Zeppeli, enjoy.