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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders- The Road to Egypt

Only half of the journey is over.

I was extremely biased towards Part 1 and 2’s adaptations that I really never gave any of them a full talk about them back then. Part 3 however is the most widespread part of the series and is also the most iconic so I figured I should give my two-cents on the adaptation. This post shall be a quick recap of the final episode and my thoughts on the adaptation so far and my expectations for the coming conclusion.

Side note: Dandy and SAO are up while Blade Dance will be a two parter.

The real ride begins January

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 10- The Gun is mightier than the Sword

At this rate, I REALLY think we’re not going to have just 24-26 episodes. My long awaited fight finally arrives on the bigscreen/monitor as the Crusaders reach India and have a fight that will take them a while to recover from. This is the first of the two-parter Stand fight scheme that will show up every now and then so let’s not waste anytime here folks.

Tears of both sadness and laughter will be brought down upon your faces, prepare yourselves for a two-part ride through India.

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Music of the Week #116-118 and Recap


Jojo High

So after nearly a month of inactivity due to having very little time to write anything, my folks are leaving in a week so I will be free once again. Quite honestly, I would have preferred that I wrote during these past few weeks because I honestly had no games to play. Jojo is more or less me trying to get more costumes, Wind Waker kept freezing one me, and League keeps getting on my nerves.

Thankfully the Winter Season hasn’t fully started up so I will have a chance to actually watch a few things and hopefully get a recap out on what I will watch for the Winter of 2014. Oh yeah, Happy New Year everyone. Whilst on the topic of new shows I had a few related news that I wished to share. Now, I’m not an anime news hunter but I do pay attention to some things so here are some stuff I took interest in some news during my absence

  1. First and foremost: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders airs in Spring. I’d be more hype and would be capslocking but I did that for a while now.
  2. I actually like Date A Live so its Season 2 will do nicely to renew my palette after watching said Part 3 above. If you haven’t figured it out, it airs in Spring too.
  3. Light’s favorite series is a light novel series called Mahouka and it airs in Springtime as well. Unfortunately for him, he’s the kind of guy who calls SAO anime fans who don’t read the light novels plebians (my preferred term but I don’t know what he would actually say) but he fears the SAO fanboyism effect will take place upon Mahouka as well. Thank god Jojo will never be like that.
  4. Speaking of SAO, it’s second season is it? Whatever, the next arc being Gungale Online (GGO) is officially announced. What does the new arc bring? From what I know: One new girl and trap Kirito. Of course plot armor is bundled with it.
  5. This one has nothing to do with new anime to come out but they finally announced a Angel Beats light novel which will hopefully bring closure to our horribly concluded cast’s backgrounds. The first part of the game will include stories for Yuri, Iwasawa, Yui, Angel, and the only guy for now Matsushita. Iwasawa had some racy looking CG and since I’ve always liked her from the start, I await with bated breath.

Galaxy Angel will continue as soon as I get the chance so that will come when it’s ready. Didn’t have too many chances to play during the break. I would do a figure post but Wonderfest is in February so we’ll wait til then. Fall posts come soon after this so look out for those.

Well that’s about it for this recap post to bring you stuff I have planned so until then. Here’s the three weeks of music I wasn’t able to post.

Fugo’s addition to the game was surprising but I still like him nonetheless. You can hear the Hendrix in his theme’s beginning seconds. Herme’s theme isn’t as rock n roll as KISS is but it’s pretty damn smooth. Pucci’s theme is my all time favorite. It’s just so rocking and foreboding. You can also hear 3 distinct parts of the song that reflects his evolvings Stand (with the third and last one being completely amazing)