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Musaigen no Phantom World- Bait and Switch with only the Bait

I legitimately forget if I ever talked about a Kyoani show around here.

There was some buzz going around before Phantom World released at how Kyoani decided to adapt a light novel series like Phantom World. Kyoani hasn’t really touched the harem genre like this in my memory and I guess it was a big deal considering at how Kyoani seems to have its own large gathering of studio-loyal fans. As for me, I haven’t liked how Kyoani made their characters look since Haruhi and I had no idea about Phantom World as a light novel at all so I honestly went in completely blind other than the pretense that Kyoani bothered to adapt a harem not too many people have heard about.

I’m sure everyone saw some reactions and shots from the first episode with the whole limbo thing but did it ever go beyond that? Apparently it does, but in the actual source material.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 1

Behold my shallowness.

A new season and a new batch of shows, this definitely doesn’t cover all the new stuff coming this week but I’ll get to those in the recap near the end of this week so look out for those. Now behold my terrible tastes and no-brainer reasons for watching shows.

Overall, it isn’t as “entertaining” as comparing the three shows in the challenge and no big-namers like One Punch Man are up but overall, and with more shows on the way, I guess it isn’t too bad. It’s definitely a bit more light-hearted and less drama filled from what I can tell so here we go, I’ll keep this short.

I’ll say this again, the whole season hasn’t taken off so only a small number of shows made it. More will come at the end of this week’s recap.

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