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Boku no Hero Academia- Zero To Hero

So here I was writing the review for Ace Attorney, only to remember it’s 24-ish episodes and that I didn’t need to talk about it yet. As if the delays weren’t bad enough, yeah?

Boku no Hero Academia or BnHA is the “other” hero series that’s making strides that isn’t One Punch Man back in the East. I actually marvel at how something of this genre with the whole School and Hero thing haven’t been combined before. I’m damn sure it actually has but this seems to be the most prominent one out of it in recent memory. I didn’t expect much but I was genuinely happy with what I watched.

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Spring Anime 2016 Week 12

I’ll keep things short than normal/short as per usual since there’s nothing all that new at this point than what has already been said multiple times for the past few weeks.

Make way for the Series Reviews after this, which will be my main goal in trying to get done in the next few days.

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