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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san- A Different Brand of Wish Fulfillment

Experiencing this made me realize something about the mental state of my life and trends in this specific anime watching zeitgeist. While anime has been part of my life as early as my infancy, I took a break from its trends and popularity boom during the mid 2000’s and re-entered the scene during 2010.  Call it a ever so slightly educated guess or completely reading trends incorrectly but the overwhelming trend of harems that budded, blossomed, and wilted in the 2010’s, in my mind, was just a sign of the times of the newer generation of anime watchers being pulled in to the escapist fantasies they provide. The younger audience, especially the light novel scene, probably found a bunch of new viewers from this period. But now that time has passed, people grew out of their phases and a newer trend of isekai has taken its place for the new audience or the old guard who still remain attracted to the usual trends.

So what the hell am I rambling on about? Well the people who watched those seasonal harems are all grown up now, it has been quite some time since those days, and while it isn’t as widespread as the isekai craze, I’ve noticed some smaller trends popping up in some manga about a different style of escapism. Those kids are grown up now, and so am I, it’s been a decade. There’s a bit more to life now than just pure escapist fantasies and maybe all we need now in our adulthood is a bit of help. Actually, a lot of help

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