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The Deal with Fate Grand Order

My history with the Fate series starts as early as Fate Stay Night’s release back on the PC when I mostly saw my brother play it before I went through it myself a couple years after. Fast Forward a couple of years after that dreadful Studio DEEN adaptation, the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and the franchise expanded while I mostly kept with the FSN stuff in my head without giving much thought to the series again. A friend of mine told me about a PSP game called Fate Extra and the new Fate Zero gets recommended to me by my brother all in the same year and I get dragged back into the Fate series again.

It was also around that time, around the time after CCC came out and whispers of Fate Grand Order started coming around and it was another moment I took a break with the series while only “roughly” keeping up with the tidbits of news for FGO until it finally released in 2015, and I didn’t play it at all. Despite that, it was hard to ignore with how much fanart and buzz FGO was creating and it wasn’t until 2017 I really started paying attention to it with the SERAPH event before it finally became available for the western mobile market and I decided I needed a game to liven up my commute.

So where am I going with this? Well aside from being a primary contributor to Sony Music’s billion dollar revenue stream and its utterly notorious gold card rates, there’s many a word going on about the quality of its story as it holds the current spotlight of being the main source of Fate’s unfolding universe.

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