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Nisekoi Review

The 20 episode ride is over but the amusement is still open, I hear they added a FIFTH rollercoaster.

Only now do I realize that the absurdly screwed up version of Romeo and Juliet basically sums up the entire series. Anyways, first series review of the Spring season while others have 3-4 weeks to finish up. I’d think most people would catch my impression of the series after 20 weeks of coverage but I might as well take this chance to talk about the manga’s status as well.

So here we go folks, it’s Nisekoi’s time to step to the plate.

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Nisekoi Episode 18&19- Swapping Focus

So if the school swimsuit episode didn’t do enough for you, we get ourselves a full beach episode with more revealing swimsuits. Even in the absence of my internet, it seems I haven’t missed too much regarding Nisekoi in both anime and manga. If anything, the lock is still relevant again but like hell it’s going to stop anytime soon. Other than the beach episode, they actually got to the arc I was thinking they wouldn’t get to. The ending for the anime series basically steps into the bounds where a character outlook changes so if anything, I said too much already.

I’m surprised is all. I don’t have the manga to anime chapter-episode match up at the moment but I damn well remember this part being later. Oh well.

Let’s just cover this.

Gifs are down at the bottom for those who were looking for them

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Nisekoi Episode 17- Traditional wear galore

From what I’m hearing, the next episode is going to involve everyone taking a trip and the antics that follow group outings. No judgement here but like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if second season hits the corner. On the manga scene, Golden Week takes its toll and we not no new chapter. The previous chapter however did hint at something but I doubt we’ll have any sort of closer soon. God help me to prove me wrong cause the series isn’t bad but it can quickly become worse if this drags on even more.

3 weeks left to see what the fate of the anime series holds. We had Marika and Ondera being focused on for a bit so now we move back to the bigger pantheon of characters.

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Nisekoi Episode 16- The Sweetest of them all

So I’m basically telling all of you anime-only people what’s going on with the manga every week. The elusive key returns as a plot device and surprise, the new girl happens to be involved in all of the “we met eachother in the past” thing. Jesus christ, everyone in this series must have some memory problems. How can they forget such an important topic? Especially when it might involve polygamy?

Anyways, as if to counter the amount of Marika-moe we got, Onodera hits me with a left-hook from left-field as we get a pure Ondera episode today.

So ignoring the fangasming going on in my Skype call with one of my friends, let’s get this show on the road.

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Nisekoi Episode 14- Wife Material Reporting In

Well she’s finally here.

She sure has some initiative for a character who had 20 minutes of screentime. Then again, that’s not really going to matter in the manga because we still got a lot of chapters to go. Hell I think they introduced yet another tease for Raku in form of his dad’s younger girlfriend who plans to live at his house. Cohabitation antics galore. (She’s their new homeroom teacher no less)

It’s not really a spoiler since they just reminded me that the lock is still relevant.

That aside, let’s dig in.

Warning: Loads of Marika ahead

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Nisekoi Episode 13- Delayed once more

I surmised that this would happen.

I’m quickly running out of this to say in front of each episode here. Most especially because I mentioned that I’ve read ahead and know exactly what happens since episode 2-3. Either way, as the title suggests the new character I mentioned does NOT show up and I’m a bit disappointed. I’m sure a bunch of people are but oh well.

But it is for certain that she will show up next week. So let’s dive into it.

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Nisekoi Episode 12- It broke

I think this episode covers up to around the middle of chapter 31 and then yet another girl shall join the cast

So we’re up to Chapter 31 in 12 episodes. Seeing as though we’ll have 20 in total, I have to wonder if we’re going to hit a major arc a bit farther than we expect to or not. I basically forgot a lot of what I read through but in all honesty, not much is going on.

Well other than that, this will be the last post before WE GET TO STARDUST CRUSADERS. SO LET’S GET TO IT.

Lack of pictures so I apologize in advance

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