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Masamune-kun no Revenge- No Revenge

The season’s popular romcom comes to an end with a less than satisfying note. I’ve probably told my run-in with this series before the anime’s airing but I’ll go over it anyway: The first thing I saw from this series was a single panel from the first chapter where it showed Masamune’s mom and I just couldn’t bear looking at it for a bit. That was around a year and a half ago before they announced the animation project and I think there was something going on me with the time about disliking how the loli bodytype was being over-used and how it mostly lost its comedic impact.

Nonetheless, my interest in the series mostly grew back somehow. I admit I had no expectations other than Aki acting like an uppity snob and looking forward to some banter and I got exactly that for a few episodes. How were the rest? Well let’s find out.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 11

ScWe’re reaching the end of the season and you know what that means, Series Reviews. If you were around last seasons, I revamped the process into something a bit more presentable so I’m actually looking forward to talking about them. As much as I would love to sink my teeth into tearing apart Bahamut, that ends next week.

With that in mind, Bahamut’s episode this week will be skipped in lieu of the rest of the series reviews that are going to be worked on instead of the weekly recaps. See you guys then.

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Mini-Sword Art Online II Episode 10- The Final Fight better be worth it

I keep ending up renaming SAO II posts into the Mini category because of the talking instead of the action going on. Now while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it involves a character that’s getting himself better writing as the series goes along and a character who I objectively like but subjectively hate because I don’t like Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice being part of a harem.

That aside, these extended dialogues that are meant to have somewhat deeper meanings/feelings aren’t making too big of an impact on me and end up being a lot shorter than I would want them to be.

Oh well, like the title suggests, I really hope the last fight is something around the lines of the opening.

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