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Megalo Box- The Thirst for Victory

The season’s “sleeper hit” comes to a close in a way that most didn’t expect.

Megalo Box opened up with an incredible two-episode start that captivated many people’s attention back in the start of the season and that certainly included the likes of me who showed up nearly two weeks late to the series’ start. As a project meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of legendary sports manga, Ashita no Joe, Megalo Box conveys a retelling of the series with its own spin on things. As exciting as its start was, the question remains on how it continued on to its finale. Since I have yet to actually finish Ashita no Joe, but by presence in the anime/manga community alone, I am aware of some things regarding its plot, I will avoid trying to compare it too much and talk about Megalo Box on its own.

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