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Music of the Week #122

Catching up


It’s official, I’m addicted to Viva Namida and Welcome to the Xth Dimension (Space Dandy’s opening and ending). Speaking of that though, I will be bundling last week and this week’s in the recap due later this week. I have dropped a few series but now I have bias against anything that isn’t Dandy or Nisekoi.

Honestly not much going. I decided to continue my League of Legends venture and landed in Silver II so I guess I still have a long climb. Since I didn’t want the mental burden of playing multiple large RPG’s at once, New Vegas will recieve its perfect ending first while I’ll fiddle around with Dragon Age soon after. But by that point, Dark Souls II would be out.

Nothing to drop you with today other than the near-useless information above and this week’s theme. That’s right, we skipped the best Joestar because I personally didn’t find his theme as catchy and awesome compared to everyone elses. But here we go, the other fan favorite theme of Kujo Jotaro.