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Black Bullet Episode 10&11- Revengeance

I was able to pick up a copy of MGRR last Friday and I finished it on Saturday afternoon. Other than being enslaved to the musical onslaught of Maniac Agenda for the past few days, the events in the game more or less, unknowingly, prepared me for this episode. Kidnapping around a hundred kids, harvesting and selling their organs while putting their brains through virtual reality slaughtering contests is, in my mind, a bit more gruesome than a handful of kids getting killed by a bomb.

That may not ring with too many of you but a game about chopping people into little pieces really “steeled” me up for some atrocities. Thanks Senator Armstrong.

Anyways, I hope you didn’t get too attached to the loli’s in Rentaro and Kisara’s school.

Oh, and who guess who’s back.

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Black Bullet Episode 8&9- Nobody important died. That’s a good thing right?

You thought things would cool down? Think again, this Black Bullet. Where the bullets are obviously black, the loli’s are strong as shit, and the edge is sharper than the WWE star.

I hear the series only gets worse in terms of how Rentaro ends up in his circumstances. Plus I’m hearing a lot of stuff about Tina too. I won’t spoil anything because people seem to really love Tina here. I’ll just say that I’m glad I like Kisara more than anyone else in this series.

Anyway let’s stop trying to foreshadow bad things. This is going to be short as I’m not good at describing a little girl who pours out her heart in one episode. Much less two episodes of only slow pacing, which is good in some cases.

Knowing how this series works, it would be good to not get too attached to any characters.

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