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Date A Live II Review: Buy the Blu-Ray Edition

Note: I will not count Episode 1 as part of this series. Ever.

While I said that I would talk about Episode 10 and then do a series recap, I just decided to tackle the entire thing in one package.

Date A Live to me is a guilty pleasure. Scratch that, I just love it. I learned of this series through the artist and I can’t help myself in loving this series even with its shortcomings. Everyone has that one series they can forgive and this happens to be mine. That being said, some people were understandably disappointed with Season 2 since it chugged through the light novel material and left little time for any sort of “dates” to dote on the pretty girls.

Coming from a guy who read the light novels, I was forgiving on the series since I knew exactly what to expect. So while I am biased toward the series in general, that still doesn’t excuse the 2nd season for some flaws here and there.

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Date A Live II Episode 8- Lab Shutdown

Things finally begin to heat up. That’s a really good thing. I realize that I really like Kurumi’s character compared to everyone else. She stays out of the harem yet is the most aggressive in teasing the hell out of Shido. I guess I like her mostly because she refuses to join the harem to seek out her own goal and purpose, something that characters like these usually lack. I gotta say that the shadows would make for some lewd se-.

The end is nigh but I will enjoy the height of the series (so far in the anime) for what it is.

Shit’s exploding everywhere and so many Kurumi’s die. Poor little clones. Continue reading Date A Live II Episode 8- Lab Shutdown

Date A Live II Episode 7- Guess what Time it is

I think I might pick up Hitsugi no Chaika. Before I knew it, there happen to be more little girls named Chaika’s. Different colors, different personalities, and apparently different chest sizes. It’s like a doll collection. Ahem. Anyway, the fan-favorite girl returns and we plow through the ending scenes and beginning scenes of Volume 6 and 7 respectively. Get onboard folks, the “high point” of the series is getting started.

Well that is of course you aren’t keeping up with the novels since Volume 10 turned stuff real serious again. On a much more serious note too, I won’t spoil it but I’m pretty sure you would be if you saw the cover for Volume 10.

Anyways, guess who’s back.

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Date A Live II Episode 4- Rocked like a hurricane

Love how Yoshino is just there marathoning a soap opera and showing up at least once every episode. Hence the reason why she’s the featured image nearly everytime.

The twins arc come to close as expected. The LN’s had a pretty hectic time with the entire fighting portion of this arc but I think the anime did a good job on keeping a lot of scenes close together to avoid too much rushing. I felt like the Twins fighting themselves lasted a lot longer but they barely do any damage to each other so I guess we really didn’t need too many pointless action scenes.

To make up for the horrendous filler episode, and the double fanservice episodes we got ourselves a complete focus on the action. Let’s get right into it.

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Date A Live II Episode 2- The Real Episode 1

I mentioned before that I really didn’t need to go over a recap/filler episode so I consider this to be the real start of the Date A Live for this season.

What can I say, Date A Live has my enormously biased opinion because I worship the artist Tsunako and her character designs. Its story isn’t anything new but just for the pure reason of liking the way everybody looks is the reason I love it. While it’s a shallow reason, the series has grown on me immensely during the time I had fawning over its art.

So the first season left off pretty nicely at the end of Volume 4 and now we return to Volume 5.

Looking back at this post now, I amaze myself how I can drag out such a simple series with my typing.

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