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Mahou Sensou Episode 7- No Crying, Only Dreams Now

Returning from the pathetic action episode, Episode 7 returns us to the formula of background love triangle with some measly action sprinked on the side. Am I surprised by this? Not one bit but we’re through the halfway point and I feel no impact or lasting impression at this point in time.

While we got semblance of a promising grudge match between a highly disturbed pair of brothers, instead we just get Takeshi and series of horrific wet dreams.

I wish I was partially wrong

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Fall Anime Week 8-9

Decided to tag along Weeks 9 just because I don’t want to copy and paste what I wrote here to a seperate post.

Fall is an alright season but I’m have yet to fall for a certain series. Machine Doll and Noucome are basically what makes my week and White Album 2 gives me something serious to look foward to. Knowing what will happen in Magi and seeing it zip past is…sort of good I guess you could say. Magnostadt itself was decent but I just hated its extremely rushed and bloated outcome. I’m interested in what the future brings in its current arc but enough of Magi.

I’m actuallying watching Blazblue again, who woulda thought. While it may not get covered, I will give my thoughts on it at the end of the season. Same thing for Freezing applies now.

Well instead of talking my opinions up here, click the button and let’s go for a ride.

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