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Winter Anime 2016 Week 2

Oh here we go.

I thought I’d have more of a selection this time around and admittedly, I’m not watching 2 carbon copies of each other but I didn’t end up with some more diverse series but I’m getting busy around this time again so I can’t complain. I’ve got shows I’m going to love to hate, shows I have no idea what to expect, and shows that I can just watch people die in, a nice big package.

But as “diverse” as my plate is, some bad eggs are there and you how much I love to make myself sad. Only one more show was picked up while I completely forgot Gyaruko-chan existed but oh well, no loss there. I was thinking of picking up Kono-sekai but let me be honset with you. I think the died and resurrected to a different, RPG world is a way worse cliche setting than magic battle schools. I’ll talk more about that when the time comes so let’s get this going.

You can already tell what I picked up, I ain’t proud of it but at least I can complain about it.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 1

Behold my shallowness.

A new season and a new batch of shows, this definitely doesn’t cover all the new stuff coming this week but I’ll get to those in the recap near the end of this week so look out for those. Now behold my terrible tastes and no-brainer reasons for watching shows.

Overall, it isn’t as “entertaining” as comparing the three shows in the challenge and no big-namers like One Punch Man are up but overall, and with more shows on the way, I guess it isn’t too bad. It’s definitely a bit more light-hearted and less drama filled from what I can tell so here we go, I’ll keep this short.

I’ll say this again, the whole season hasn’t taken off so only a small number of shows made it. More will come at the end of this week’s recap.

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