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Black Bullet Episode 12- They’ve gone to Plaid

So here I thought Black Bullet would end but apparently not. We got one more week so the series review comes next time.

Although the episode was obviously rushed, I guess we needed these few minutes we had to hastily iron a few things out before the final, catastrophic slam. It’s like the scene right after Kagetane was defeated back in Episode 3 or 4, shit goes full throttle and pummels us with more information and exposition.

I’ll be glad it’s over.

Bad writing ahead, you can tell that I really didn’t want to talk about this episode in particular.

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Black Bullet Episode 10&11- Revengeance

I was able to pick up a copy of MGRR last Friday and I finished it on Saturday afternoon. Other than being enslaved to the musical onslaught of Maniac Agenda for the past few days, the events in the game more or less, unknowingly, prepared me for this episode. Kidnapping around a hundred kids, harvesting and selling their organs while putting their brains through virtual reality slaughtering contests is, in my mind, a bit more gruesome than a handful of kids getting killed by a bomb.

That may not ring with too many of you but a game about chopping people into little pieces really “steeled” me up for some atrocities. Thanks Senator Armstrong.

Anyways, I hope you didn’t get too attached to the loli’s in Rentaro and Kisara’s school.

Oh, and who guess who’s back.

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Black Bullet Episode 3&4- Gotta go fast

Look at this guy. The episode aired Tuesday and he’s posting his thoughts on it as the last series for the week. Well, classes end in around 3 weeks and immediately after classes end is ACEN. That’s not excuse for my tardiness but if anything, let’s just say Jojo, DAL, and Nisekoi had a bit more time to grown on me than Black Bullet has. It’s a matter of time before this stakes a claim but for now, this will most likely keep happening. Jojo and DAL take usual priorities but Nisekoi ends in 4 episodes.

Would you look at that, it’s a double coverage.

Anyways, circumstances and favoritism aside: We got more of our semi-competent MC with a loli that’s pretty cool. Rikiya Koyama’s voice is doing wonders as Hiruko but Kira will be the best voice he has ever done. Screw that laid-back asshat from DxD.

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