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Bokuben: All Caught Up

Back in Winter I went ahead and marathoned all of Kaguya-sama and then caught up with the manga soon after up until the Ice Kaguya personality took over and something similar happened with Bokuben as this post was written up at least 3 weeks ago but I was waiting on Jojo to finally end before I posted it.

Turned out Gotoubun aired a season before Bokuben did with a somewhat similar plot and I’ll probably get into that since the two girls I’m interested in seem to be in the run for the most popular girls to begin with, fancy that. While Bokuben hasn’t finished yet, that second season is coming and while I realize certain parts of some decently important character-building chapters were not adapted, I can only hope that we get to the better chapters of the series to really make it come onto its own. But before that, let’s go over some of the later, more focused parts.

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Bokutachi wa Benkyo ga Dekinai: Starved for Romcoms

As the title suggests, I’ve been away from something so simple a concept that I’m actually enjoying these regular highschool romantic comedies. Recall that I actually enjoyed Gamers! for a brief instance of its misunderstandings upon misunderstandings but I know for sure that I can say I’d watch Bokuben again over Gamers any freaking day.

So is it just some forgotten sense of longing that keeps me watching this or does it have some merit on its own?

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