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Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 2 Review


Here we are, on episode 2 of Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni!, and we have yet to see any real plot. Honestly, I’m wondering if this season will be pure fanservice, seeing as there has been no school, no beings, etc. Let’s get down to business, though.

Episode 1: Akihisa and his friends go to the beach. The guys and gals have an argument, with the gals saying that Yuuji and Yoshii have never and never will hit on a girl successfully. Later, Yoshii and Yuuji see Voyeur/Kouta hitting on girls (unintentionally) with his camera. With this, the pair of boys decide to prove the girls wrong by hitting on girls. They fail miserably, and the girls find out. Yuuji and Yoshii are in for a big punishment.

The episode starts off with Yoshii in front of a river, one we all know leads to death. River Styx. He’s wondering what the hell he’s doing here, when three ghosts pop up and try to lure him over.


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