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Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 14-18: Mother of Recaps

Ain’t this just the latest I’ve ever been.

It’s a strange feeling I have since I actually read ahead of the series and knew what was going to happen so technically, I could have written this up way earlier. This was also my most anticipated series of the season yet me being aware of its events made me prioritize other things than watching how its scenes were adapted. Thankfully we’re here now so let’s get this out of the way so I can judge if Bahamut was worth watching or not.

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Spring Anime 2016 Week 1-2

Spring is definitely a savior with it formally ushering in new year content aside from the overlapping residuals left from the Winter Season. Even I’m surprised to find myself watching this amount of shows, but I don’t think that will last all that much since some are actually teetering on the edge of being watched or dropped but we’re still a one or two more weeks away from the classic 3 episode rule but after last season, I’m feeling pretty generous.

So let’s not waste time, let’s get down to what I’m watching this season.

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