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Azur Lane: Lessons Unheeded

Back when the first trailer for this dropped, many had hoped for a singular, reasonable wish for this series adaptation to fulfill.

Don’t be like Kancolle’s anime.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that the same mistakes that plagued Kantai Collection repeated themselves with Azur Lane. Was this really a surprise to anyone though?

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Azur Lane Episode 11: And we’re back

Yeah, it’s back and things look a bit better but that doesn’t mean the story is going to be salvaged this late into the game.

After Babylonia and this adaptation, I think I can safely say no amount of money or budget can make a good mobile-game adaptation unless you pull something completely original like Shingeki no Bahamut did.

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Azur Lane Episode 8: Freezing your assets

It’s really bothering me how hair is flowing in the wind at some parts and completely motionless in others.

At least most of the other stuff was passable but there’s only so many weeks left to salvage what this series wants to do with itself. But that’s only me and how I think this series should conduct itself and my expectations might as well be wildly different than the producers are looking for.

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Azur Lane Episode 6: Getting too relaxed

You hate to see this type of thing happen.

So if I heard right, next week’s episode is going to be a recap episode that won’t take up a proper episode slot. So Episode 7 will go up in two weeks. First off, that’s a bit worrying that a 12 episode series needs a week break for a recap episode but after this week’s episode, it might be the sad truth that producers really need it.

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Azur Lane Episode 5: Cloudy Sky

The fight quality is back up to normal and we pick up where we left off last episode.

We’re nearly at the half-way point of the season and I find myself both oddly comfortable with the pace of this series as well as slightly worried we’ll be rushing towards the finale. For the most part, the three primary plot-lines are at least moving at a recognizable pace, what remains at the end of it is what worries me because it’s either developing into something unimpressive or it’s comfortable pacing won’t stop and we’ll get something rushed. I can only hope that isn’t the case since I’m not exactly hating the adaptation.

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Azur Lane Episode 3: Downtime

As expected, the girls go on a bit of a vacation.

Someone was talking about how the anime adaptation was going to be an origin story for the character Code G, an alternate timeline’s Enterprise fighting with the Sirens, completely of her own free will mind you, who shows up in a couple events in the game. It’s a theory that I give some credence to depending on how much stress Enterprise continues to get in the duration of this show. It would be an incredibly neat way to integrate both anime and game’s plotline together like this.

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