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Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 5

And here we go.

So why did Masamune win again? Partly because that face and Aki’s figure was nice but mostly because the actual winner, Seiren, is something I’m staying cautiously wary on. I like the new arc-girl, Tooru, a lot so I don’t wish for a Tsuneki-tier ending so while I liked the new episode to a degree, I’m trying to be as cautious as possible not to place my hopes in something that will never happen. On the other end, Demi-chan’s episode was par for the course, Takahashi is an intrepid student where monsters are involved and we get a funny little exchange near the end.

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Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 4

Oh boy.

So if the featured image says anything, Masamune-kun won this week for a few reasons. Onihei and Demi-chan brought their enjoyable episodes, Hosoya came back in the former while the latter still had a lot of sensei to give us even though I thought it was the yuki-onna’s episode. Seiren came out with a very bitter-sweet conclusion which really fell flat on its face which really isn’t the Amagami way of going about the relationship. This is enough to place Tsuneki at the near bottom since even Rihoko’s arc or Sae’s arc felt better than this. Masamune-kun delivered some supreme cute and I appreciate how it didn’t take absolutely forever in getting the main girl dere for our protagonist. It’s nothing new, honestly, but hey, execution counts for these things and it’s a character archetype I like.

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