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Music of the Week #472

Just a couple more

I’ll be free of obligations in around a month so just a couple more weeks until I can probably get back to reminiscing about games I’ve played, although being busy really put a stopper on any progress I was barely making to begin with. But I did manage to binge watch/read through Kanojo Okarishimasu and realized how little was going on but it still made some sensible character relationship dynamics that I did revel for a couple minutes on, which is saying a lot compared to some other series of this nature. Let’s hope I can still remember these thoughts when I’m through.

So now we’re at the actual final boss theme of CS2 and we already went over the Reverie Corridor and how the final boss itself acknowledges this pointless and time-consuming endeavor of playing through two extra sections of gameplay to get the true ending, one that ends off on such a banal and happy note that while melodramatic, does leave the story off at an interesting spot as Class VII is over and everyone goes their separate directions in life. This actually might have some weight to it if Class VII actually did go a while without seeing each other for a while but CS3-4 and Hajimari makes this scene a lot less impactful compared to the likes of 3rd’s ending and its series of farewells. One of the biggest kicks in the teeth is Crow as to no one’s surprise, he comes back. Falcom didn’t even try to hide Crow being anyone else yet they wanted to sell the idea that he was dead in CS2 so hard by giving him an insert song for the first ED sequence and also having his ghost show up.

Music of the Week #461

Just a bit more

One of my larger write-ups only needs some accompanying visuals then it’ll be ready to go and hopefully I can keep up up with a promise that I’ll have a follow-up post ready by the week after it goes up. Aside from the write-ups though, I’m in the middle of a three-way crossroad where I can play two sequels or play something new entirely which is an interesting prospect but it’s not like anyone will find out which one I’ll do until around month later since I’d like to have finished whatever new game I started but also finish up previous game write-ups but consolidate my thoughts on it as well.

Continuing my rants about Cold Steel, this week’s tune once again narrowly dodges my litany of nitpicking about the poisoned well of disappointment Cold Steel presents to the series as a whole as my previous complaints about the bonding events being too shallow compared to natural interactions between characters in story beats. Ymir is the first of two primary hubs for the Class VII and it hosts at least three instances where bonding events can occur between chapters. Unlike a single instance in Cold Steel where you could help Emma find Fie to earn points with both of them, CS2’s bonding events do have successive follow-up moments that further invest into a single character which is at least a step in the right direction for more meaningful interaction but still falls short of other characters interacting with others, even if some characters do start to show up in other interaction moments. The relationship with x character to Rean is not the biggest problem but everyone else not interacting with each other yet acting like they’re the closest RPG group you’ve ever seen.

Music of the Week #398

Back on track

Things are back to normal and hopefully this comes out in time instead of delayed like the past few weeks. The DMC post has been obviously delayed in my attempts to catch up but it did make some progress finally with it. Aside from that, it’s business as usual as I try to get busy to fund some trips over the summer and get myself a new computer.

We close in on the end of the Zero no Kiseki music spotlights as you know things get real serious when the main battle theme gets remixed. The particular scene where this plays harkens to police movies and some intense chasing action as our protagonists finally have all the pieces click together and hunt down their final adversary while having been framed for something they obviously didn’t do.

Music of the Week #293

Yeah, definitely not on track

Moving houses is definitely an enormous task and that’s mostly been my reason for the past few weeks of near inactivity. I’ve tried watching Bahamut but even with its returning characters, the new ones haven’t been hooking me in at all. I blame both the exhaustion from moving things and my general enslavement to RPGs these past few months. Hero Academy is probably going to be a constant for this season while I hope my interest in Bahamut returns because I can at least say I want to see what Favaro and Kaisar are up to again.

Anyways, this week’s theme is the 2nd theme for the Hunter’s Dream unlocked after the veil is lifted from reality and the Blood Moon draws close after Rom’s death. A soothing tune plays which contrasts with the bloodier sky and background that was previously completely white. Even the twisted realities of the real world during the Blood Moon phase affects the fabric of the Hunter’s Dream, which leads to a lot of questions how connected dream worlds are to each other and to the real world.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 4- The Truth Revealed

The truth is finally out about of the purpose of the Chaika’s.

I’m glad we’re going the through the novels at a decent pace and I hope to see how exactly the finale holds. It’s only 4 weeks but things are heating up and we got at least one conspiracy out of the way. It’s cliffhanger after cliffhanger since last week.

Also for administrative things, SAO’s mini-arc ended and it was once again not in my tastes so let’s not waste both of our times here.

Anyways, Chaika time

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Music of the Week #153

Closing in.

Earthbound 2

I realized that I’m looking forward to the Fall Season series but the only series I’m actually looking at are Chaika and Fate. I’m sad to see Jojo go on break but Egypt will be worth the wait. Other than that, not much else going on than just replaying some SNES games on the go while I fit in League and GA between work.

We’ve got around a month left before the season ends and I honestly can’t wait for that because this seasons was pretty lackluster. Thankfully Jojo was around to liven that up but if it weren’t for my other gaming projects, this summer was just dreadfully empty. For that reason, I was thinking of picking up Akame Ga Kill but what’s the point if I’m already spoiled on the character deaths?

We’re going to chug through the more memorable tracks of Earthbound and I’m not going to limit this to just a few tracks so bear with me if you’re not a fan. This time it’s the theme that plays with the Bee from the future telling you of your great destiny to purge evil.


Kirito lets loose after experiencing some player killing flashbacks back from SAO. If they actually featured those kinds of fights, I wouldn’t have hated it so much. More props to you SAO, you’re actually improving yourself but unless Asuna dies, nothing shall change.

In the end however, Kirito unintentionally gets the girl while being invincible as ever. Some things truly never do change

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