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Fall Catch-up/Recap Post Week 5

Slight delay, but not as bad as the last one right?

Anyway, before we begin: I’ve arranged the titles in the order of release in the week. Unfortunately, Jojo takes a while to get subbed so that will be updated when it gets here. I also want to note some detail issues on the last post’s Btooom summary, I f*cked up but that should teach you to not trust everything a guy with a website says.

I also added Seitokai no Ichizon onto this list, of course all of it gets subbed when I finished the last post. One last thing, I added some series  at the bottom. One’s that aren’t really worth talking about either because of the series (and its contents) itself or just…being a bad week at the production office.

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Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 2

Weekly roundup posts will catch up.

But yeah: LATE, so don’t remind me. I will make the recap post next week- hell I somewhat recapped almost everything here. If I didn’t expect in next week’s post.

I blame LoL and DotA 2

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