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Space Dandy Episode 10-12: In an Alternate Dimension, I would be ahead of Schedule

I decided to tackle Space Dandy before Nisekoi because I’d rather chronicle the adventures of an obsolete robot, a lazy cat, and Josuke in space compared to 2 (later, 3) childhood friends and one reverse trap. Not saying Nisekoi is bad, but it has its manga which I read ahead in while I can never expect what Dandy does next.

Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, I’ll be doing more simplistic (moreso than I usually do) summaries and then straight to my reactions.

I lament the fact that I can’t pull off any creative titles but oh well, I’m going to say them later anyway

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Space Dandy Episode 9: Little Shop of Dandy

This is how I felt Episode 8 should have been done. However, lack of Dr. Gel and Bea leaves something wanting but I found this episode enjoyable nonetheless.

I’m also hooked to the song they used for the Toonami ending. It’s definitely in the show’s soundtrack so I’m awaiting March 25th with bated breath. Speaking of Toonami’s ending, I just noticed the mech from Episode 1 pull a Terminator 2. Anyways back to Episode 9.

It was also the perfect episode to experience while tripping.

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Space Dandy Episode 8: Dandy and Me

Another “decent” episode this week.

But first, props to [adultswim] for airing Viva Namida. Now I wish for the ending to show up.

While a dog being hinted at the title of the episode gives away that the episode will contain of a lot of potential sentimentality, it really depends who you’re asking. Don’t get me wrong here, the “feels” were felt right here in my chest but in all honesty, it could have been delivered a lot better. Then there’s the second half of the episode…

Allow me to explain myself.

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Space Dandy Episode 7: S-Zero Grand Dandy

The most “wat” worthy episode ending so far in the year and season.

I enjoy race episodes due to the following, obvious reasons of: Acceptably fast-paced, action packed scenes, and more characters to bite the dust. I did get all of those crossed off the list but….something about this episode.

Anyways, let’s dive into it and see what I saw was a fault.

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Space Dandy Episode 6: Big Kahuna Dandy

There’s a noticeable trend in each episode of Dandy that gets to me. Each episode has one gimmick and more than once does the episode show some awesome highlight. For example, the 2nd episode on food, 3 on mechs, 4 for zombies, 5 for just all around awesome, and most recently, surfing.

Taking a break from the masterpiece that I call Space Dandy episode 5, we return to the comedy roots where Dandy and Meow embroil themselves in a war between two aliens over “vests and undies”. You heard me right.

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Winter 2014 Week 4-5

Chunnibyou doesn’t really need coverage so I decided to drop it off the coverage but I “guess” I’ll be watching. The thing is, something in my head doesn’t even want to watch it but I guess I will hear something about what it intends to bring up near its end.

Only one more series needs to try to grab my attention. Witch Craft Works is somewhat boring but at least they introduced a new character. It has one more chance or it gets dropped. Magi is being wached but I honestly didn’t keep up with it, it’ll be reviewed once again at the end of the season.

The other three are quite alright.

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Extremely Short Winter 2013-2014 Recaps 1-3

Since I’m somewhat delayed, I decided to ditch the summaries and go straight for my reactions.

Winter season started nearly a month ago and I was unable to keep up with it because of family members. My time got freed up and I was catching up with finalizing the Fall anime stuff. But with those out of the way, we move on to the new year with a new season.

Suffice to say, I honestly did not see too much potential with the series presented this season. Only two so far that I really like.

Here’s the extremely short list of what to expect this season

  1. Space Dandy: I find myself in awe of the music and visuals. The show itself is pretty entertaining considering the style of “journey beats the destination” sort of way since it has no main plot other than the episode’s premise. Watching
  2. Nisekoi: I honestly could read the manga to make watching this obsolete but Hanazawa-san’s voice is too good to pass up. Watching
  3. Mahou Sensou: The light novels are apparently very lengthy so it has be good somewhere. Waiting
  4. Witchcraft Works: I don’t know why I’m watching this but I can drop it as fast as I picked it up. Close
  5. Chunnibyou: Is Touka really worth watching an entire series for? Close
  6. Seitokai: I think my dirty jox gauges have been maxed out at this point….Dropped

There’s a bit more down below but the above should summarize my basic thoughts.

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