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Sora no Otoshimono Review


Lets do this

Sora no Otoshimono is a story about Sakurai Tomoki who lives in a small town.  He has a cute next door neighbor who is a predictable childhood friend.  Tomoki wishes his ordinary ableit boring life to continue.  We also find out in the beginning that Tomoki is a huge pervert too.  Also we see that his neighbor Mitsuki Sohara is a predictable childhood friend and neighbor who happens to beat Tomoki (or any other guy who they were friends with) senseless.  There are also the crazy New Continent Club President whose name i never really cared to remember and his sadistic friend, the student council president who comes from a family of Yakuza, or thats how i remembered lol.

Well, everything is fine and dandy until one day, a disturbance occurs and then the Club Pres. tells Tomoki to investigate a location while he himself tries to get there.  Then things get out of hand and he tells Tomoki to back out.  Tomoki decides to stay but then, something falls down from the sky.   Tomoki tries to catch that “something” which happens to be a girl…with wings.  The thing refers to itself as an “Angeloid” named Ikaros, and from now, Tomoki is her master.  Tomoki soon discovers the wonders Ikaros can do (he told her to strip herself and immediately she did only he stopped her) like summon a million dollars or panties.  After a little “talk” or beating with his friend, and a little explanation to his colleagues, Ikaros stays with Tomoki.  Then later in the series, 2 more angeloids stay at his house named Nymph and Astraea.  Nymph is a stealth angeloid, shes the smarter one out of most of the angeloids.  She’s the “tsundere” in the story, and shes a loli…..the infamousd duo that i rarely encounter, i hate her.  Astraea is dumb, and shes a blonde….i have no idea if that was a coincedence or not, but hey, shes hot.

Behind this is kind of a dark story where these guys or people with wings (they’re kinda evil to be called Angels) who basically created the Angeloids and made them their playthings.  Angeloids are like warmachines, they fight pretty well.  Ikaros or Alpha is like the most powerful but also the most emotionally week.  Ikaros was the first to be freed from the “Angel”‘s power.  Nymph or Beta was sent down to subdue Alpha but seeing how her masters are cruel decided that Tomoki should be her master.  Astraea or Delta is literally stupid and just doesn’t want to listen to them.  Most of the time its just perverted scenes and Tomoki getting beaten up or a romantic subplot, or plot i guess.  If its not that, its fighting to some extent.

The manga series is going on while the first season ended a few years (or was it a year?) back.  The 2nd season Sora no Otoshimono Forte just ended, and i have no idea if theres gonna be a 3rd one.

I also wanna tell the people reading ( if there is anyone reading D: ) why i like this series when it itself is jam packed with ecchi.  First off, the main character like most all guys of this type of genre of manga/anime is a pervert. But this dude isn’t afraid to admit it, he has millions of magazines, he once made a telescope to see every single girl’s panties.  But most of the time, when hes not in his serious attitude, hes in his chibi form which made me forget how he looked like.  What i hate about this series is the neighbor, jeez, if she likes him, why beat him? beating someone senseless won’t help, unless they are masochistic (i spelled it wrong i know) She’s cute but damn, ease off on the guy. 

Otherwise, funny series.  I would reccommend it

My Watchlist


Well my friends here are either too busy or too lazy to actually post anything by themselves, let alone if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have watched anime to review or actually post anything here.  We go to different schools, or atleast i do.  They never answer texts or rarely get their phones so only on weekends can we actually meet to discuss whats best.  Well thats the situation which we will never change, the least they can do is answer back for Christ’s sake.

Well the review list on the side, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who actually watches anime in my spare free time.  Evidently, my friends here go to school, and i mind you, we all are very intelligent….eerr blahboy5253 might be an exception, but hey, we are honor students.  But i go to a private school but i get less homework than these guys, whats the deal here.

So i guess im done, I’m the only one who would actually post here.

So what am i watching right now. Lets see


Bakuman to me sounded almost like Bomberman but i looked over it and decided to check it out.  Guess what? i liked it, not only is it painfully accurate, its extremely realistic (to an extent, not all girls accept future marriage proposals in highschool mind you). If Japan should be proud of anything they have done for the world in the past 100 years (next to getting bombed twice and surviving) is contributing heavily to the entertainment industry in the world.  Japan owns the most say in the gaming and entertainment industry.  Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Square Enix, and Konami  form a formidable combination in the gaming world, but however, America isn’t looking to shabby in their game makings.  But for comics, its either good old Western comics like Batman and Iron man or its from the Land of the Rising Sun with their countless manga.  Gah im going off topic. 

But this manga really shows the hardships of becoming manga artists, very recently, this famous series turned into an anime and so far, only 2 episodes are out so im looking foward to this series.

That is probably the only realistic series i have ever seen.

The World God Only Knows

Is it me, or is almost every anime focusing on girls now? I remember the old days of action packed fighting (not the ones like today) and good old comedy like cromartie highschool.  But once in a while, a original series with girls comes along and stands out amongst this shameful pile people call entertainment, although indeed entertaining, it just factors into the level of human perversion.  The World God Only Knows is one hell of a creative idea.  A (particularly good)  gaming nerd (not the ones you would expect, he’s a dating sim nerd) whose obsessed with 2-D Girls is visited by a demon from hell to capture lost spirits.  These lost spirits inhabit the most mysterious phenomenon, a women’s heart.  Confusing our hero (named Keima) with capturing “real girls” compared to 2-D girls, the demon (named Elsee) fears losing their head, because making a contract with demons happens to do so.  So our hero has to woo certain girls to drive out lost souls.  For me, thats one damn good idea.  Well guess what, this is turned into an anime too.

To Aru no Majutsu no Index

Don’t ask about the title, its ridiculous, i know but the series is probably the strangest one.  An extremely unlucky kid named Touma live s in a city full of mages, espers, whatever you call them, one day he happens to find a small girl perched on his veranda.  She introduces herself as Index as she carries an huge selection of ancient scriputures, grimoirs, and writings in her tiny adorable head.  She reveals she is targeted by many other magician guilds for the forbidden texts in her head.  Touma also runs into some allies, a strange girl, a maniac, and a bunch of other nuns.  It’s strange but you will understand when you actually watch it, the 2nd seaons was recently released.

Sora no Otoshimono

This is an extremely perverted anime which i happen watch.  I don’t know why but i like the series, what i hate is that the main character’s real face is almost NEVER shown, he’s always into this animated-animated form.  Other than that, the main character is a huge pervert, and i mean huge.  He laters gets visited by some robotic angels called Angeloids.  The manga/anime has an overarching plot behind it, but it is rarely addressed.  2nd season its out, yeah it had a previous season…

Is it just me or is anime getting extremely centered on to guys?  I’m seeing an increasing number of manga/anime with characters whose breast are the largest thing on their bodies.  I would also like to point out about the same topic.  Pantyshots and fanservice has infested the murky waters of anime and manga, and for a guy with atleast some decency, i want that to stop.  Hopefully its just a passing trend, like Americans liking retardly stupid rap songs about absolutley nothing.

My rant/talk is done here, see you next week 😀

Oh wait i don’t have school this monday….HAHAHAHA