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Shingeki no Kyojin Review

Every few seasons have a certain show where everybody has some serious hype for this one action series. Last year’s was Sword Art Online and I believe I’ve made it clear that it wasn’t the greatest thing ever and the hype it got was understandable but for me, the majority of the series is overrated.

Comparing series is something I generall do not do but when the such a disparity between two hyped series seems very relevant in praising a show and pointing out how some direction should be taken instead of the other, I think it would be beneficial in getting two birds with one stone so why the hell not. The art of comparison shall be used here to either bring out the best or the worst of Attack on Titan’s performance these past few months

So does Attack on Titan live up to its hype? We’ll find out

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Summer Anime Week 10-11

It’s week 10-11 if you haven’t read the title and that means Week 12 will not exist since that will be the time for Series reviews. The reviews will consist of the final review for Shingeki no Kyojin, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Watamote, Neptunia, DxD, and Symphogear combined as a mini review.

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Summer Anime Week 8-9

Huh, I actually got last week and this week’s done.

The season is nearing its end and well, this wasn’t the BEST season but I didn’t hate it…too much.

I’ve been actually watching Watamote and while I can relate the tiniest tidbit of personal experience presented in this series, I can safely say my life was never this sad.

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Summer Anime Week 7

We cross the halfway point

Expect more delays since classes start again. Other than that, nothing new from me for now.

This week in Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa and with DxD and Neptunia in the fanservice corner. Symphogear didn’t make it for less than recommended dosage of Chris for a week.

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Summer Anime Weeks 4-6

Big announcement so listen up here. Since family is coming over for the next two weeks, I’ll find little time to post for a while and a week after that is the beginning of classes. Galaxy Angel will be finished and depending on how I feel for Fall and Winter animes, I might cover it through the regular seasonal period.

But for now, consider me taking a 2 week break with frequent Twitter remarks on Saturdays as I watch SAO again. Even if it left a bad taste in my mouth, it’s still entertaining.

By the way, fanservice anime post will go up seperately


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Summer Anime Week 1-3 Recap

Large amounts of text as I cover 3 episodes of a few series this season.

I divided the series into series I watch in general and series I watch just for eyecandy. Eyecandy stuff is at the bottom in galleries while the regular series get themselves a bit less pictures and a bit more words.

I’m doing the recap style because I’m pretty behind and I’m still deciding how to tackle the Summer Series but let’s just worry about getting started here eh?

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Shingeki no Kyojin Mid-Series Recap

The series of “Medieval Spiderman zipline-army vs the naked, derpfaced giants” reaches its halfway point.

I consider Shingeki no Kyojin as this season’s Sword Art Online, only that it did almost everything right. Both series have now skyrocketed in popularity while having a respectable fanbase and hype before the anime airings, so I can’t help but compare these two when I look back on everything before. What comprises the “almost everything”? Well let’s just take a look

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