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Summer Anime Week 10-11

It’s week 10-11 if you haven’t read the title and that means Week 12 will not exist since that will be the time for Series reviews. The reviews will consist of the final review for Shingeki no Kyojin, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Watamote, Neptunia, DxD, and Symphogear combined as a mini review.

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Summer Anime Week 8-9

Huh, I actually got last week and this week’s done.

The season is nearing its end and well, this wasn’t the BEST season but I didn’t hate it…too much.

I’ve been actually watching Watamote and while I can relate the tiniest tidbit of personal experience presented in this series, I can safely say my life was never this sad.

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Summer Recap Fanservice Post

Because of the amount of pictures I had for these things I just had to do make a seperate post.

So it was DxD and Neptunia last time and it still is but with one more addition: Symphogear G. Now why might this be?

Simple answer, my good viewer. Yukine Chris. However, her prominence in recent episodes have diminished soooo yeah the series might get kicked off this list but I’ll still be watching.

So here ya go people, fanservice pictures to shamelessly rake in views cause people look for this stuff.

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