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Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 ONA Series Review

Sugisaki returns. Not to get verbally abused, but to actually get some appreciation from his harem.

It's all about Sugisaki
It’s all about Sugisaki

In my case, that was a good thing considering some kickass main characters never get a somewhat happy ending with a lady (in this case, around six girls around Sugisaki’s arms)

We’ll miss you Sugisaki Ken. Your name shall be engraved next to likes of Onizuka and Harima.

Plus excuse the lack of high-res pics or any of that sort. So let’s jsut use LN pics

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Fall Anime Week 11-12 (Partly)

Minimalist mode on, prepare for a rush and for a double feature with even more minimalism.

Tonari, Btooom, and Seitokai will be doubled up for a rush to get the series reviews underway. Remeber that I usually skip out reviewing the last episode and save that for the series review.

So to finally clarify, Tonari’s episode 11+12 will be covered here, Btoom’s episode 11, Seitokai’s 7+8, and our regular Magi and Jojo



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Fall Anime Week 7

Delays and finding pictures were a b*tch. Maybe I should go back to screencapping.

Monday was filled with studying, Tuesday with just doing nothing, wednesday my friends show up, and now I’m sick with a cold. I feel like my throat is covered in sandpaper. Either way folks, I’m trying to get some other posts but until then

Here you go

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Fall Catch-up/Recap Post Week 5

Slight delay, but not as bad as the last one right?

Anyway, before we begin: I’ve arranged the titles in the order of release in the week. Unfortunately, Jojo takes a while to get subbed so that will be updated when it gets here. I also want to note some detail issues on the last post’s Btooom summary, I f*cked up but that should teach you to not trust everything a guy with a website says.

I also added Seitokai no Ichizon onto this list, of course all of it gets subbed when I finished the last post. One last thing, I added some series  at the bottom. One’s that aren’t really worth talking about either because of the series (and its contents) itself or just…being a bad week at the production office.

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