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A Second Look: Angel Beats!


New category for this kind athing.

Well i’m done with my school year for now and it’s summer vacation for me.  Didn’t do so well on my exams but after some depressing thoughts, i’ll do better in Sophomore and i freakin swear to that, i won’t have religion class instead i get another study hall and A for sure

Hidan no Aria (hopefully getting better) airs in a few hours, because it’s summer, i got nothing to occupy my time at the moment.

So lets take a look back at one of the first series we or rather i reviewed a few months back.

Angel Beats…was an interesting series.  Featuring a cast that is already dead and putting them against God and an “Angel” to fight against their cruel fate.  The concept seems really original and kind of awesome (it IS awesome i guess you could say). The first three episodes were good, they introduced and made damn sure that you do not die.  Episode three showed the ineveitable future of characters in the series.  The characters are kids who suffered terrible fate and felt an extreme emotion of sadness and regret.  As they die, they end up in a school, or Purgatory.


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