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School Rumble Review


Scenario, lets say someone is in Japan/Anywhere, that guy is Persona A, Persona B is just a regular dude who lives there

Person A: I watch porn

Person B: You’re only human

Person A: I watch School Rumble



Thats what siege said when i talked about School Rumble.  Now i disagree with this statement, through the time i watched this series, there were only 1-2 stuff that happened that were deemed, perverted.  Other than that, its a love story, not a ordinary one mind you.  The series is full of comedy and drama, none that i expected, first seasons was all getting the story set up and hilarious comedy, second and third (to which i personally never watched but my brother has) were FULL of drama and romance, so to prove your point wrong siege, it ain’t that perverted.

File:School Rumble Volume 13 Cover.jpg

School Rumble is the hilarious tale of 2 idiots and an enormously dramatic love triangle that includes almost every single character, best part is, its confirmed, no gay fan speculations and such.  The story revolves around Tsukamoto Tenma, an airhead of a girl whose as childish and stupid as she is short.  She is in love with Karasuma Oji who happens to be very mysterious with his eyes, and his behavior.  The story also spins around Harima Kenji, a paranoid, ex-delinquint who tries for Tenma’s love, problem is, shes an idiot and is very oblivious.  While focusing on these 2 characters, plenty of other characters exist to entertain us and make the relationships even more confusing.  Because i love this series and admire it as much as i did to Ichigo 100, im going to cover, most of the characters

File:SR26 SR S1 cast.jpg

Probably half the cast.

Tenma Tsukamoto: Is the girl in the center.  Dull, oblivious, stupid, childish, but nevertheless, cute.  She likes the dude with the monotonous eyes and bowl cut hair in the back.

Yakumo Tsukamoto: Is the girl next to Tenma’s lifted hand and next to the blonde girls.  She is the sister to Tenma.  Shy, quiet and hell of a lot more mature than her sister, shes the most adored girl in the school.  Too bad shes got feelings for nobody except one guy.

Kenji Harima: Probably the first guy who you noticed, hes the guy with the jacket and sungless.  He loves Tenma but he himself is also an idiot.  Hes an aspiring mangaka because he doesnt do well in school.  Probably the first guy who have complications with his relationships

Im going to give brief info now because there are a lot of characters

Left to Right

  • Fuyuki, brown hair and glasses.  He takes pictures of girls and sells them, not THAT important
  • Hanai Haruki, one of the more important characters.  He likes Yakumo but she avoids him.
  • Karasuma Oji, Tenma’s love interest, extremely wierd looking
  • Asou, not that important but was a temporary boyfriend for Mikoto (will explain who she is)
  • Imadori Kyousuke (blonde dude), one of the biggest perverts, likes almost every girl who has large breasts (he should have enrolled to High school of the dead, if he can manage dead people, he’d love it there)
  • Ichijou Karen: Highly athletic but extremely shy.  She likes Imadori
  • Sara, Yakumo’s bestfriend, i think she likes Asou

These next characters are a little more important than the rest

  • Mikoto Suou is the blue haired girl who begins to like Harima after a few more episodes/chapters pass by.  Also the interest of Hanai and Imadori.
  • Akira ain’t that important, don’t really think anyone likes her (lol)
  • Eri Sawachika is the blonde girl who has the most complicated relationship.  Well not really, she happens to like Harima, but has the hardest time getting to knoww him.

My review will not do this series justice and i highly recommend you to watch or read the series.  The ending is really bad though, a lot of people were not satisfied how the author called in that curtain call, its like watching terminator two without arnold dying at the end, we just needed that piece of an ending.  The first season was building relationships and humor, 2nd and 3rd season was all romance.  Watch the first season just to see if you want to advance with the series




Watch the series! You won’t regret it! until you get to the ending of course 😀