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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut- Repackaged Infinite Stratos

Criticizing stuff like this is my lifeblood. No one expects these to be good but it says something when these keep getting pumped out.

To many, the three battle harems of last season was something to be laughed at. For all their similarities, the premises, the fact that two of them aired within a few hours of each other with the criminally same first episode, and just the notion that carbon copy harems seem to be coming out in droves every season. Hilariously enough, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle was the only one of its “battle academy harem” kind this season and how hilarious it was to realize how decent last season actually was compared to this mess.

You could actually say that the general anime audience was “spoiled” through the trio of harems last season and I can certainly admit that all three of them had some aspect of work put into them that made them superior than what most other harems lack, but I’m probably giving the three from before a lot more credit because I actually attempted to analyze them deeper than I normally do. Hell, so much in fact I decided to continue using this format of reviews. In almost every aspect, Bahamut showed me how you could make something so incredibly generic and devoid of any sort of tension or drama that somehow trumped the worst parts of last season. It isn’t completely without some redeeming traits but the bad outweighs the good.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 11

ScWe’re reaching the end of the season and you know what that means, Series Reviews. If you were around last seasons, I revamped the process into something a bit more presentable so I’m actually looking forward to talking about them. As much as I would love to sink my teeth into tearing apart Bahamut, that ends next week.

With that in mind, Bahamut’s episode this week will be skipped in lieu of the rest of the series reviews that are going to be worked on instead of the weekly recaps. See you guys then.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 10

Stuff is getting decent, I guess. It’s literally just Bahamut that isn’t completely annoying me right now but that should be a given. Hell it’s doing so bad right now that I barely need to take any screencaps of it.

But hey, something I was looking forward to finally happened and it was an absolute blast to watch.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 9

We’re almost there.

The week was busy and I contracted some illness near the end of it but I still managed to get this out. Lack of pictures obviously means lack of interest in some sense of the word but even Bahamut got a few recently mostly because some half-decent fanservice shots where the plot wasn’t relevant. The plot driven ones were definitely the better ones, as usual.

And at this point, I’m just padding this introductory portion out since the image I used for this week is pretty tall and one of the few things worth screencapping from Bahamut.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 8

Prepare the endtimes as we’ve crossed the 3/4 threshold for most series this week. Obviously the ones that revolve around an actual plot thankfully got some things set up for the finale but the others not too much. Whether or not that’s a good thing actually only applies to one series out of the 3 that don’t exactly follow plot-progression standards but it’s a unique case since it’s an indepth adaption of a novel while the other is another LN and the other is a comedy series.

Either way, Spring is looking mighty fine.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 6

The halfway point is here and the two series I care about the most actually gets some more development going on.

But a pretty empty weak if I look at it numerically since 2 out of the 5 series actually had decent episodes, hell, one didn’t even have an episode this week. Strange but oh well, dropping is not an option at this point since I’m invested in all the stuff I’m watching to a certain degree. Anyways, we hit our halfway points this week and the stuff I don’t particularly care for remains the same while the ones I like are actually going somewhere.

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Winter Anime 2016 Week 5

Ice Queens getting defrosted this week. Well, not technically

Characters that we’ve been only getting bits and pieces of finally get their spotlight this week, well. It’s safe to say that I won’t be dropping any of the series I’m watching until the end of the season, even though Bahamut is garbage I still want to see how low it goes. But overall, it was a pretty good week with most of the cast/feel of the series pretty much set in stone for me.

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