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Quick R-15 Review [Not Actual Ep]


All right, look.

I know that a lot of fucking LAME ass anime are out right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can just make a FUCKING SUCKY ASS ENDING and get away with it, you damn producers.

But before I begin ranting about Sacred Seven’s ending, No. 6’s ending, and the TWGOK OAV, let me get R-15 out of the way really quickly first. The rant will come at a later time.

I won’t be reviewing R-15 this week, or it’ll be out Monday/Tuesday at like 10 PM CST, because I have PSAT this week. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed in this series. It had a great start, but it dragged on in a way that kind of made you want to RIP YOUR BALLS OFF. I’m sure that any NORMAL guy with hormones and an IQ over 30 would want a HAREM ending; It’s about a fucking porn writer. Come on. Unfortunately, after seeing R-15 episodes 10 and 11, it seems as though (with one episode left in the series: 12 total) that the series will have a Narukara ending. Which is kind of lame as balls… The game better be better. Or the producers could turn it around at the last minute and make some kind of crazy impossible harem in one episode, which is unlikely and unbelievably fucked up, but it’d still be better than what is happening now.

If you don’t want to read that giant paragraph up there, I’ll summarize it. R-15, I am disappoint. I will bother with you later.

Here’s a pic for your trouble:

I want a picture for my wasted time!

Summer Anime Preview


Unlike a few seasons ago, i decided to watch the majority of the animes released this summer, and this detailed post will let you know on what me and Light thinks about most of the animes out.  I can expect a lot of dropped series, because i like to limit myself, and i got work in a week  NOTE: the first episode of IDOLM@STERS will be reviewed in next weeks, i want to decide which series i will cover

If you haven’t noticed: Baka to Test II, Mayo Chiki, and R-15 is being covered by Light and i am watching them as well


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